Traditional or digital? The advantages of using both types of marketing

In today’s competitive market, it is essential to invest in a good marketing strategy to make any brand or business stand out, among the many options available. For this, it is not enough just to focus on the traditional or the digital, it is essential to make a mixture of both.

When talking about traditional marketing and digital marketing, people tend to think that these are two totally opposite things and the reality is that they are not. Even when their application system varies, both methods have a common conceptual origin, and what they are looking for is to make a company improve its sales. So it is appropriate to assume that the use of both approaches is very beneficial.

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About traditional marketing

One of the main qualities that this type of marketing has is that it is aimed at large masses in a personal way , so the audience that is reached is quite wide, especially when applied through techniques such as letterbox .

Mailboxing consists of distributing advertising through different forms of work , so that it reaches the right people at an appropriate time, to have the expected effect.

In order to advance in this process, the first thing that will be needed is to carry out an in-depth study of the market to determine which strategies will be implemented in the campaign and thus make it more efficient, according to the target or target audience.

Obviously, it is not a job that aims to distribute advertising anywhere and to any type of person, because this will not achieve the expected results. For this, companies specialized in this management use different tools that allow achieving more positive results. Among the points to work on are:

  • Know where, how and when to attract customers.
  • What types of messages are most appropriate for use in advertising resources and what types of calls to action are prioritized.
  • Analysis of areas to detect which are the most suitable to work according to the type of campaign. It will not be the same promoting a tourist package to Marbella as a full service in Madrid.

But in addition, it is worth noting that companies that work with this modality also bet on the use of digital, so it will always be possible to monitor campaigns in real time through apps for this purpose.

Digital marketing

On the other hand, there is digital marketing, which makes use of technological advances to reach the target audience through the resources most used by users, such as social networks, which are, in fact, the main source of information in this sense.

But to work in this area it is necessary to know very well the terms that are referred to, and in that, the use of a Digital Marketing dictionary is quite valuable. These terms may refer to different areas, all linked to marketing, although they are applied with greater focus in another specialty, such as, for example, AIDA, which is one of the most widely used writing techniques in copywriting.

The reality is that this world has brought with it a specialized slang and that is far from what was previously used in traditional marketing, even when some similar references are maintained, such as the target or target audience of the brand, ads , etc.

The fusion of both methods

Using both mechanisms in any company can bring countless benefits. First, because it would be serving both people who are active on the internet and those who are not, but also due to the fact that people may notice that they are in digital life but that the company really exists and is available for visit her, ask her, get advice, etc …, that is, she lives within the environment where everyone is today, but the clear message is given that they are in reality as physical persons.

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