The top 5 shoes producing countries in the world

Shoes are one of the many essential components of people. It is also an exportable product. Different countries of the world produce shoes and export them to different countries and earn a lot of foreign currency. Here we will talk about the top 5 shoes producing countries in the world. These are discussed in detail below.

১০. Turkey

Turkey produces about 1 million pairs of shoes annually. Turkey’s rich leather industry provides this country with a good base for shoe production. Boots and slippers are commonly produced in this country. There are a total of 3 footwear companies in the country.

৯. Italy

Italy produces about 20 million pairs of shoes annually. This country is renowned worldwide for various shoe brands and leather. The designers of this country are world-renowned for making high heel shoes for men and women.

৮. Mexico

Mexico produces 20 million pairs of shoes annually. Skilled local workers, good design and durable materials have provided shoe exporters with a good base for shoe production. This country’s famous cowboy boots are handmade for both local retail markets and exports.

৭. Thailand

Thailand also produces about 20 million pairs of shoes each year, similar to Mexico. In this country, sports shoes, student shoes, sandals and fashion shoes are usually made. Good quality leather shoes are available in this country. Moreover, wholesale shoes can be purchased at very low prices.

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৬. Pakistan

Pakistan produces about 20 million pairs of shoes annually. The Pakistan International Footwear Show and Pakistan International Manufacturers Association are very well known worldwide. International brands of shoes are made in different countries in this country.

৫. Indonesia

Indonesia produces over 1 million pairs of shoes every year. Due to low wages and good quality shoes, manufacturers are attracted to the shoes of this country. Demand for this shoe is high in international markets even from China and Korea.

৪. Vietnam

Vietnam produces about 1 million pairs of shoes every year. The country has increased shoe production by about 5 percent in recent years. In Vietnam, most commonly made of leather canvas shoes, sports shoes and sandals.

৩. Brazil

Brazil produces about 1 million pairs of shoes annually. The country currently ranks third in terms of footwear production. This is possible because of the high quality leather and workers’ pay.

2. India

India produces 2.2 billion pairs of shoes every year. As a result, the country is currently ranked second in terms of shoe production. In recent years, shoe production in the country has increased by about 5 percent. It is possible to increase production due to the high quality and low price of leather available. Indian shoe makers focus more on men’s shoes.

১. China

China has been leading the shoe market worldwide for the past few years. The country produces about 12.5 billion pairs of shoes annually. The shoe production of this country is huge compared to other exporting countries. Besides the international market, this country has a large domestic market.

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