Top 5 Places to Date Curvy Girls

While some people can’t imagine dating curvy girls, others can’t imagine kissing skinny women. The third category is those who don’t have the preferred body type. Regardless of where you fit in, it’s good to research dating culture and common body types before the trip. Of course, you need to do that only if you plan to have one-night stands while traveling. Or if you want to start a long-distance relationship with a girl with a hot body. Beauty is in the eye of an observer. And today, we’ll look into the best places to meet and date curvy girls. Before moving to the list, we’ll talk about the place that doesn’t really exist, but almost everything depends on it. The Internet.

Best Places to Meet Your Curvy Soulmate

Everybody knows that everything happens online nowadays. We shop, sell, work, entertain, and much more online. And meeting potential partners on social media or dating apps aren’t new either. Old-school matchmakers are extinct. Niche sites took their places because they’re free, discrete, and bring results much sooner than any dating agency ever could. Specialization is one of the main reasons why online dating is so efficient nowadays. The best dating apps for plus-size women aren’t the best because of their numerous features that turn getting dates into fun. They are the best because members feel safe and don’t worry about prejudice. Being curvy is a must there, not something to be embarrassed about. A similar mindset is present in the countries we’ll list below.

Countries Where BBW-girls Feel More Comfortable & May Find Love

The countries we’ll mention now aren’t obsessed with weight in a way that every girl must be curvy, but they have many BBW singles. Not only that, but BBWs there don’t hide. They’re confident because they know men appreciate their bodies. So let’s start with the first out of 5 countries where big means hot.


Being chubby in the UK doesn’t mean you can’t get dates. In fact, it helps. Many girls in the United Kingdom have a few extra pounds and don’t try to hide it. Clubs, pubs, online dating sites – all are full of girls with big, beautiful curves. Also, a little-known thing about BBWs in the UK (and other countries) is that they don’t mind making the first move. While skinny girls wait for men to approach them and act like they are prizes men should fight for, curvy girls have all the fun. Men love when women approach them. That’s one of the reasons why BBWs are so confident in the UK. They’ve discovered the strategy that works most of the time.


One country is famous for having many overweight people, even though it’s not the country with the fattest people. The reason for that lies in the movies and TV shows that portray Americans as a fast-food devouring nation. When they cry, sugar cubes drop from their eyes. When they sweat, butter drips from their pores. That kind of stuff made the US population famous for being overweight. Of course, that’s not entirely true.

But one thing about BBWs in the USA is sure. They have extremely high confidence. That lets them get more dates and start long-term relationships simpler than in almost any country. And guys who fall in love with American BBWs never run out of date ideas because food is part of the culture there. Eating a burger before Netflix and chill is the perfect date night in many parts of the country.


Jamaica is one of the countries that can proudly say that they have dating tourism. Singles visit it just to spend time with local people. Interestingly, men in Jamaica aren’t overweight, but women are above average looking at their weight. They’re also above average with passion, dancing skills, and confidence. It’s not surprising that men get mesmerized by beautiful curves swinging in front of their faces.


Most people don’t know this, but Argentina has the highest number of BBWs in South America. 75% of the population has more weitght han they should. Yet, that doesn’t stop beautiful Latinas from putting men under spells with their stunning bodies and passionate personalities. They are very confident and don’t mind letting men know what they want.


Australia is another country with many overweight girls. Roughly 60% of them can fit in the BBW category. Because of that, a couple of extra pounds doesn’t ruin their confidence. Men love them, they love themselves, and everything is cool Downunder. Except for the climate and girls – those are very hot.

Main Tips to Impress Your Curvy Girl

Before we let you plan your next trip and start dreaming about your next BBW, we’ll share tips on getting more dates online.

  • Don’t be passive – send messages to girls you like.
  • Don’t avoid talking about weight – if they’re on a BBW site, they aren’t ashamed of their body.
  • Don’t wait too long before asking them out – when men wait for weeks before asking girls to meet, women think something is wrong with those guys. Don’t be one of them. Make moves, and you’ll get many dates.


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