Top 5: Best Weapons in Deathloop

In Deathloop , the new game from the legendary Arkane Studios , we play as an experienced assassin, and therefore it is not surprising that we are offered a rather impressive arsenal of weapons.

Of course, you can try each one in action, but for sure you want to get out of Groundhog Day as quickly as possible. So we have prepared for you the top of the best guns that can be found on the Black Reef.

5 . Four-pointed cannon

A pistol that rewards the careful and thoughtful player. No rate of fire, but if every shot is accurate, like the movement of a medical scalpel in the hands of a surgeon, then the weapon deals very impressive damage to enemies and leaves you time to reload.

Those who like this type of weapon can carry with them not one “Four-Pointed Cannon”, but as many as two, in order to reduce the time for reloading. It will be very noisy and quite fun.

Pros: Huge damage.

Cons: slow reload speed.

How to get: can be found literally everywhere, a rarer version – during the “Chaos Theory” quest.

Best Keyrings: Double Threat.

4. Archer Verso

This pair of pistols is the most versatile weapon in the game. With another weapon in your other hand, you can combine this pair to create a submachine gun with three bursts. This technique will quickly turn you into a real killing machine.

Transformation will not only save you space, but it will also help you flexibly adapt to your circumstances. A pair of pistols will help slow down the demolition of his advancing enemy’s defenses, and if the enemy retreats, then it is easy to finish him off with a submachine gun and at a great distance using the automatic aiming function.

Pros: Suitable for almost every game situation, can be transformed.

Cons: Not the most impressive damage.

How to get: complete the mission “Common cause” (in the Complex at noon).

The best charms are: “Fast Reload”, “Big Shop”, “Heavy Fire”.

3. LIMP-10

A local Uzi, which makes up for its mediocre accuracy entirely with its rate of fire. Ideal for large groups of enemies and close targets.

It really reveals itself when shooting “Macedonian” against crowds of opponents. Yes, there is no need to talk about all the bullets hitting the bull’s-eye, but fun is guaranteed.

Pros: high rate of fire, fun to use.

Cons: low accuracy.

How to Obtain: The standard model is located next to the door to the Black Reef Tunnel System (near where Colt’s loop starts). An improved version awaits in the Complex (laboratory), the coolest one – in Hangar 1 (Charles Bay) behind a closed door with a combination lock. The code itself can be found in Hangar 2 in the morning.

The best charms: “Shock Absorber”.

2. Breteiro Sepulator

The real king in the world of sniper rifles, capable of destroying anything in general that falls into his sight. Of course, any “sniper” has an impressive range, but this one is so great that you can use its true potential only a couple of times per game.

It may seem like the perfect weapon for a walkthrough, but only suitable for those who are going to camp the entire walkthrough.

Pros: Perfect sniper rifle.

Cons: not suitable for battles at any distance except long distance.

How to get it: During the New Surprises Mission (Downtown Afternoon) or by killing Julianne.

The best charms are: “Fast Reload”, “Big Shop”, “Heavy Fire”.

1. Shooter 50-50

Shotguns are usually the perfect example of effective weapons. True, they lack range, which makes them applicable only in close combat. But not Strelak 50-50.

This cannon allows you to play at medium range, while combining crushing power and good speed. The double drum eliminates the need for the player to constantly recharge and at the same time speeds up the process. True, the main (and only) minus of the shotgun grows from here: shooting at high speed will literally gobble up ammunition, which will quickly make the best weapon in the game a useless piece of metal if used carelessly. But by that time you will probably have killed everyone.

Pros: excellent damage, ideal at close and medium ranges, good rate of fire.

Cons: high ammunition consumption.

How to get it: Found almost everywhere.

The best charms are: “Fast Reload”, “Big Shop”, “Heavy Fire”.

What weapon do you think is the best? Perhaps you were offended by the lack of a machete and “Legacy” in the top, or, on the contrary, do not like to get hung up on one thing, experimenting on the go? Share your opinion in the comments!

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