Top 10 reasons for divorce, experts say

Divorce is always painful and difficult for any couple.

Especially when it involves children or a long relationship.

However, what many do not seek, or do not try in the right way, is to know the reasons that lead to the separation of a love.

Understanding these reasons makes it easier to avoid them and make the union happier, more harmonious and lasting.

If you also want a more satisfying marriage and away from the risk of separation, check out the top 10 reasons for divorce, experts say!

Different priorities and expectations can cause divorce

Having different priorities and expectations can disrupt life for two and even cause the couple to divorce. 

A person’s life needs to be filled with challenges, dreams and other goals that are not just related to the relationship.

However, when this impacts the relationship and the partner, it is necessary to have the ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes and evaluate what is best for the couple.

In fact, it is wrong to think that to live a life together, you need very similar dreams.

It is necessary to have an understanding of what is important to the other and to see how that dream can be realized without you failing to fulfill yours as well.

In addition to life priorities, such as: successful professional life , buying a house, car, having children, which most couples have; other spouses still have high expectations for their partner, which can create frustrations and problems in the marriage, even causing divorce.


Common causes of many divorces are addictions – not just alcohol.

Nowadays, people have other addictions and compulsions that hinder the relationship. In marriage they can cause divorce, thanks to endless fights and arguments.

Certainly addiction is not something that most people seek to have.

However, due to frustrations, traumas and other reasons, some people start to have addictions, be it behavioral or with substances, in order to better deal with life and its deficiencies.

Thus, the ideal is to have the maturity to deal well with the addicted partner, seeking to understand what led him to have this problem and encouraging treatment, if applicable.

Undeniably accepting an addiction is not a very healthy thing for a marriage.

However, it is necessary to understand that the person is sick, with psychic or physical dependence on a certain behavior or substance.

Thus, it is always necessary to pay attention to cut harmful behavior early on, and to seek specialized treatment for addictions that already cause personal, family and marital problems.

With these actions it is possible to avoid divorce. However, the addicted partner needs to do his part, for his health and maintaining a happy and long marriage.

Some health professionals who can help with the treatment of an addiction:

  • Therapist;
  • Doctors in general;
  • Psychologist;
  • Psychiatrist.


It may seem silly, but many marriages end in divorce thanks to the boredom caused by the lack of innovation and adventure within the relationship.

So, to avoid this divorce, it is necessary to stop accepting the comfort zone within the marriage and take the boredom out of the couple’s life!

Still, falling into boredom is quite common in longer-lasting marriages, especially when there are children – and even more so if they are small.

Certainly having children is wonderful, but it is essential that the couple give time only reserved for both. This will help in the couple’s connection in order to avoid the boredom that negatively affects love and relationship.

To get out of boredom you don’t have to spend a lot.

Certainly it is possible to innovate and leave sameness aside with simple actions that make all the difference to life as a couple.

Some tips to get out of boredom with your love:

  • Walk in some city park;
  • Picnic in a wooded place or park;
  • Dinner by candlelight ;
  • Going to a motel ;
  • Movie theater;
  • Watch a movie for two at home (without the children);
  • Massages and sensual dances.

eavy routine of modern life, with work, bills to pay, children’s education, health problems, can affect the couple’s sex life.

As a result, the couple may stop having sex frequently or have rapid sexual relations that end up putting the marriage in check. This causes fights and even divorce.

So, to change this game, it is necessary the couple’s commitment and willingness to improve their sex life and rekindle the flame of the relationship!

So, one of the tips that can help to increase the frequency and quality of sex in marriage is to set aside time to be closer together .

In fact, it is common, over time, for the couple to fail to prioritize moments together.

This is a major detriment to complicity and sexual life. To reverse this, always reserve moments alone with your love, at least 2 times a week. Thus, it is possible to have longer and tastier sexual relations.

In fact, of course, the frequency of sexual intercourse can and should be much more than that, see?

This number is only for those most exclusive and intimate moments with your love. For example, special dinner, tours, going to the motel, etc.

Lack of dialogue

Do you know those phrases like: “I don’t like to talk to my wife or husband, because it’s annoying and annoying”?

In other words, it is precisely for these and others that couples end up getting angry at the most profitable conversations in the marriage.

Over time, this neglect puts an end to the frustration of one of the partners, and until the request for divorce, one side feels little valued.

The lack of dialogue is a common feeling among couples!

In this way, the ideal is to have light conversations, always trying to solve problems, as soon as they arise; but never hot-headed, see?

Finally, always having an interest in the partner’s feelings and dialogues, avoids fights and situations that can lead to a divorce.

Financial difficulties

Another reason that is one of the biggest in couples divorce is the lack of money.

Financial difficulties are common for couples at the start of their marriage, at least for most – especially couples who are young and still stabilizing in their careers.

However, the loss of jobs, the lack of balance in “earnings and expenses”, and other problems that usually affect financial life, can become reasons for fighting, and in the future, for divorce.

In such cases, it takes a lot of patience, compression and transparency.

It takes maturity to deal with any financial difference. In addition, it is necessary to think together, and with patience, ways to reverse debts and decrease the couple’s or family’s standard of living.

Lack of freedom

First of all, individuality is necessary, even within a marriage.

Even so, many couples live only for each other, and avoid having friends, hobbies and outings with other people.

This attitude causes mental and emotional imprisonment, causing a feeling of boredom and lack of freedom between partners.

In other words, to reverse the lack of freedom in the relationship, both need to find things to do that bring benefits to each other’s individuality, be it dance, sport, reading or a simple outing with friends.

Anyway, things that allow to maintain the feeling of freedom, but without losing the couple’s respect and loyalty.


Infidelity is one of the main reasons for divorce.

In relationships where fidelity is important and valued, cheating can be the end of love for many people.

The betrayal is always a complicated and painful situation for people who prioritize loyalty in the relationship.

In this case, it is necessary to talk and emphasize the importance of being faithful within the relationship. If a “fence jump” happens, it is necessary to check the reasons that led to the act.

In some cases, divorce is a healthy and ideal option for maintaining dignity and self-love.

Raising children

When a marriage is filled with children, the couple feels complete – at least most.

However, children’s education is an impasse for some couples.

Disagreement in parenting can lead to fights and disagreements within the marriage.

Thus, it is essential that the form of children’s education is talked about even before having children.

External interference

The moment family and friends interfere in the marriage, it can lead to divorce.

Explaining, some families and friends intervene too much in the couple’s relationship – even if there are no signs of dissatisfaction or abuse.In this case, it is best for the couple to establish some limits so that these people do not negatively influence the relationship and, in the future, even cause divorce.

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