Toe-in and wheel balancing: how it works and how much they cost

Regularly checking the integrity of the tires is fundamental for road safety: however, there are two specific procedures, balancing and toe-in, so you must rely on specialized workshops: this is how much they cost you.

Balancing: what is it for and how much it costs

Among the various checks that guarantee the proper functioning of the car and maximum road safety are those on the tires: moreover, making sure that the wheels are perfectly aligned allows you to save fuel and preserve their duration to the maximum.

One of the two procedures to be carried out in the workshop is wheel balancing : it makes the rotation of the tires perfectly homogeneous at all speeds, thanks to the application of special weights.

Without periodic checks it can happen that the rotation axis is not in line with the mass of the tire, and a tire balancing solves the problem.

We advise you to subject the tires to balancing at each tire change, so as to avoid uneven wear and uncomfortable steering wheel vibrations: the price? In this case, the balancing cost is almost always already included.

Convergence: what is it for and how much it costs

The other tire check to be carried out in the workshop is the toe-in : this is a procedure that makes the driving direction more stable, by acting on the angle and inclination of the wheels.

The convergence is carried out following the parameters established by the manufacturer and also acts on the steering system, all thanks to the appropriate test bench.

This is not always essential, but recommended: it becomes mandatory in cases where you notice that the tires are worn on one side only, and especially if the vehicle tends to deviate.

We therefore advise you to arrange the intervention directly with the mechanics of a trusted workshop: the prices? For a job of about half an hour, or less, depending on the tire dealer, the cost varies from a minimum of 25 euros up to 40 , and often, even in this case, includes balancing.

A tip: do not save this money and avoid do-it-yourself methods (such as the one of the wire) that can lead the car to be unbalanced.


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