Today is the Day of the Fight against Procrastination … Celebrate it until tomorrow

Procrastination is a foreign word, but we all know it. Killing time and postponing duties to a later date is quite common. And today’s time full of social networks and quickly available entertainment only adds to it. But according to psychologists, it is a disease that you can overcome.

When choosing between important activities A or B, psychologists tend to run away to unimportant activity C. Instead of writing a diploma, students suddenly wash windows that they haven’t touched for a year, office workers watch cats play on Facebook instead of Excel spreadsheets, or they go to make more coffee, even though their hearts are already beating like a hummingbird because of the caffeine.

And the problems only multiply. Procrastination is dangerous. Along with it, helplessness and stress accumulate in a person, and the less time you have for something, the more pressure you experience and you tend to procrastinate more and more.

That’s how you defeat her

Destroy the time traps – disconnect the internet, lock the TV remote control and turn off the radio. Newspapers don’t mind. Read them around again and you will only last a while again.
Promise rewards – for completing, for example, only partial tasks, set rewards that will entice you to work. But the reward must never be the eater of time.

Cut the task into smaller ones – divide the task into smaller steps that you can easily handle. Ask what you could do in 30 minutes to move the task further. Pretty one by one.

Don’t be a perfectionist – don’t waste time figuring out why a task is beyond your reach and why you can’t handle it one hundred percent. It is far better to do it at 80% and on time than not to do it at all.

Take responsibility – don’t bet your colleagues will help you in the end.


According to psychologists, procrastination is a disease. If it seems to you that you are also suffering from it, destroying your life and you want to get rid of it, try the Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University. He treats her here alongside alcoholism, drugs and internet addiction.

When does it help?

According to experts, laziness can also have a positive effect. It protects, for example, against hasty decisions (wiser evening in the morning) and allows for an overview in the creative process.

Ten tips for “slackers”:

1. Rest is half health.
2. What you don’t have to do today, put it off until the day after tomorrow and you will get a day off.
3. A matter that does not resolve itself within ten days does not deserve your further attention.
4. Just because others work doesn’t mean you have to work.
5. Never look for a lost appetite for work!
6. He who does nothing, spoils nothing.
7. There is always a situation for work so that others have a place to stand.
8 . If you are poorly paid, you cannot work hard.
9. The workplace is not cosmetics. That’s why don’t stay there all day.
10. Do not be afraid of work and lie down with it.

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