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Accounting systems have become common practice in many companies. For several years, the purchase of a smartphone or a tablet has been synonymous with the need to register as a user on a certain platform in order to access certain functions and benefits. In this post we will tell you what is Samsung Account and how to create an account in Samsung Apps.

We usually come across things like Google, Microsoft or even Samsung accounts. The company, known for its Samsung Galaxy phone models, also offers its own user system to which it offers certain advantages in the form of tools, programs and exclusive apps from the Samsung Apps digital store.

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What is Samsung Account and how to create an account in Samsung Apps?

Well, you want to know how to create an account in Samsung Apps? This is a very popular question, but also the one that gets the most buckets of cold water. You cannot create an exclusive account for this Samsung store ; Although there is one on the platform of this company, that not only do you have access to the store, there are also an infinity of resources designed to facilitate the usability of these devices and even electrical appliances.

With this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to create a profile in Samsung Accounts , which is simply a Samsung account. We will explain the various existing registration methods step by step, without leaving aside any important details, and all the features and benefits that you can take advantage of when you finish creating your new profile.

As we have already mentioned, this company provides many tools whose sole objective is to make your life much easier, be it digital or real, with everything they can do. It is possible to have a user account in Samsung Account for free . All you need is a terminal with an internet connection and follow the steps that we are going to detail below so that in a very short time you can start using all the services that this membership offers you.

1- Log in to Samsung Account

Since you know what Samsung Account is, you should know how to create an account in Samsung Apps. Open your preferred web browser and go to create a Samsung user account . To do this, simply add the following URL in the top bar:

This will take you to the Samsung Account home page and allow you to start registration. Now press the ” Register here ” button that will appear once you have logged in to begin.

2- Accept the terms and conditions

The next screen will ask you to accept a set of conditions and permissions that have to do with Samsung’s policies , among which the following stand out:

  • General conditions and special terms
  • Activate the personalization service (optional)
  • Receive commercial information (optional)

You can check the boxes you want, or just press where it says ” I have read and accept all of the above ” to save time. After that, click ” I agree ” and it will take you to the next part of opening your Samsung account.

3- Enter your data

To create an account on Samsung Apps, you will need to provide a set of personal data. In the form that you are going to see, you must write your email address, your access code (personal and non-transferable), your name, surname and your date of birth. After you have done all this, check the box ” I am not a robot ” to confirm it click ” Next ” and you will continue.

4- Confirm your username

Samsung will then send an email to the address you provided in the previous step to confirm your identity. Open your email and locate the company’s message. When you find it, open it and click the button inside with the text ” Confirm account .”

If the button does not work, you will also be asked for a URL that you must copy and add in the address bar to continue.

5- Complete the process

After all of the above, you must return to the Samsung account web page and you will find yourself in the last step to begin. You just have to click on the ” Start ” button and you will complete the entire process of registering and opening a user profile on this platform. Ready, the account has been created successfully.

How to create an account in Samsung Apps from your mobile?

The process is very simple and you can do it in a few simple steps:

  1. From the menu of your mobile phone, you have to enter the ” Settings” application. On certain devices, this is also known as “Settings”.
  2. Where it says “User and backup”, you have to touch where it says ” Accounts“.
  3. You will then have the option to set up a Google account or put a totally new one. Click on the latter and among the options that are available, choose the first ” Samsung Account“.
  4. After you have done this, you will have two fields: the option to create an account in the first or the second option which is to log in. Choose Create account.
  5. Now you will see a screen that will ask you to enter your email address in the ” Email ID” section , the password you want in the ” Enter password ” field, then enter the same password where it says ” Confirm password “.
  6. If you want to view the password you have entered, you have to choose ” Show password” in the tab under ” Confirm password “. The key does not have to be the same as the one entered in the email you signed up with because you are not creating a new email address, but you are linking it to Samsung.
  7. Next, in the same window, enter your date of birth. The format is DD / MM / YYYY. Then you will see ” Samsung Spain“. If the country is not specified correctly, select it and choose between the countries that you can view.
  8. After that, you must check if you want to receive ads where it says ” Receive marketing information” or ” The device was purchased through an employer or program ” if it was. You just have to wait until the information you have added is no longer processed.
  9. Now you will see the terms of use of Samsung Electronics. You must read this information and click on ” I accept “. (You must first check the three boxes to the left of the conditions, the privacy policy and the data aggregation policy).
  10. Then you must wait for the device to finish the data process. Next, a box titled ” Verify your account” will appear with the email address you entered earlier. In the lower area, you will see the option to verify horizontally. Select there.
  11. Your phone will automatically take you to the home page of your email (Gmail if it is from Google and Microsoft if your email is from Outlook, among others).
  12. Add your email address and your password in the corresponding fields and then you must click on the blue ” Login” box.
  13. Next, enter the email address that your Samsung Account sent you. You will see a link that says ” Confirm account” in blue. Click there.
  14. You will now see a message that says ” Congratulations! Your account has been confirmed.” Go down to the bottom where you will notice a horizontal tab that says ” Close ” and press there.
  15. Finally, a tab will appear informing you that your email address has been verified. Click ” Confirm” written in blue and you can use Samsung services.

How to create a Samsung Kies account?

Since knowing what Samsung Account is and how to create an account in Samsung Apps, you should know that Samsung Kies is an app that lets you connect your Samsung mobile terminal to your computer and synchronize it to create backup copies, browse libraries and even buy or download applications from the Samsung Apps store. This is the official program of the company that also allows you to register your Samsung account as follows:

Download Samsung Kies for PC

  1. Install Samsung Kies on your computer. If you don’t have the Software yet, follow the links above to be able to download it directly and without any kind of malware, they are 100% safe!
  2. Download and install the App. When the entire installation process is finished, it will ask you if you want to open it. You must do it. If you have installed it before, you just have to run it.
  3. Connect your smartphone to PC with the USB cable. You must make sure that the smallest port is connected to your phone and the largest to your PC.
  4. Once this is done, Samsung Kies will detect the terminal, indicating the model and opening a set of tools that will be used to make backup copies, enter information or even download files from the phone to the PC’s hard drive.
  5. Scroll down and you will see the option ” Samsung Apps” in the sidebar on the left. Then you must click there and then do the same with your Samsung login.
  6. Since you need to create an account in Samsung Apps to use these applications, you have to press the button to register as a user.
  7. Then, from here, the procedure is very similar to that described in the previous section. First of all, you must accept the terms of use and the privacy policy of Samsung by checking the appropriate boxes.
  8. Next, you must enter a set of user data: first name, last name, email address, access code, date of birth and, finally, a section mark to confirm that you are a normal user.
  9. After that, you have to go to the inbox of the email addressto find the message that Samsung sent you. You can use it to confirm your identity by clicking the button that appears there or by copying the URL to paste it into your browser.
  10. Once this is done, your Samsung Account profile will be created and ready to be used.

What are Samsung accounts for and what services can they be used for?

Since you know what Samsung Account is and how to create an account in Samsung Apps, it is important that you know that having a Samsung account opens the door to a large number of exclusive services and tools for users. From transforming the terminal into a wallet to making use of your appliances or creating backup copies, these are some of the functions that you will see right away:

1- Samsung Pay

You no longer need to carry your wallet, your phone can be . With Samsung Pay, your smartphone serves as a wallet to make electronic payments anywhere supported. With this service, you can pay in almost all stores with your phone.

Your security is guaranteed because the sites where you make these payments will never know your bank details. In addition, at all times you will have to put your fingerprint to activate it, so there is no margin for error. Finally, if you lose your mobile phone, the service will be deactivated instantly.

Samsung Cloud

Are you worried about the loss of important information on your phone? Save everything you want in the cloud with this free service. It is ideal for backing up without the need for additional programs.

2- Samsung Health

It is an app designed to improve your health and that guarantees your well-being. It allows you to control your daily activity, check how many calories you are burning and, ultimately, lead a healthier lifestyle. If you are concerned about your health, this is your application. With the help of this app you will be able to know what your eating habits are, your hours of sleep and even the degree of effort you make on a daily basis. In this way, you can see how a little daily effort pays off.

3- Samsung VR

If you like audiovisual innovation, Samsung VR is ideal for you. This app provides you with immersive 3D and VR content, so that you can fully immerse yourself in any type of virtual experience with your mobile device.

4- Find my mobile

Perhaps it has happened to you more than once that when you went to get your phone, you did not know where it was. This built-in feature, simplified for members with a Samsung Account, allows you to locate the phone and determine its exact location if a theft has occurred.

5- Smart Things

SmartConnect becomes SmartThings. Thanks to SmartThings, you don’t have to go home if you forgot to turn off the lights before leaving, and you can even start the washing machine from outside. You can also change the heating or turn on the TV. In conclusion: nothing will happen without you knowing.

6- Samsung DeX

Samsung Dex allows you to connect various brand devices (Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S9 +) to your PC, keyboard and mouse. In this way, you will be able to carry out all kinds of tasks from a completely new space, and you will get the best of both devices. Or, just, you will be able to enjoy your old games like never before. Today it is only available in black and has a very feasible price.

7- Samsung Themes

With this service, your mobile phone becomes unique. You can configure not only the wallpaper that you like the most, but when you call or send messages, the style will be uniform.

8- Bixby

Bixby is a resource that lets the user access the contents of their device using their voice. You just have to talk and Bixby will do the rest. It also captures what the camera sees, making it even easier to perform tasks such as scanning a QR code , knowing the calories in a product, or even identifying items that are unknown to the user. It also gives you some customization, since it remembers your habits and will keep you up to date with your commitments. And all this without having to use two screens at the same time.

9- Samsung Smart Home

If you own Samsung devices, you can control them from one place, if they are compatible. Home automation is making giant strides along with the Internet of Things, and the smart home is an example of what it means to have a phone with which you can control everything.

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