Tips and tricks to improve handwriting

We are increasingly used to using electronic means to write. Computers and smartphones, in fact, are more practical. Despite this, having a good handwriting is essential.

Whether in professional, personal life, or even in hobbies such as lettering, which is the art of drawing letters, at one time or another we need to write by hand. At such times, it is necessary to have a letter at least reasonable.

Want to improve your handwriting , but don’t know how? We have selected foolproof tips and some tricks that will make this task much easier.

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  • Analyze your lyrics
  • How to choose the best pen?
  • Find the best paper position
  • Pressure
  • Alignment, direction and spacing
  • Standardize the font size
  • Use simple shapes
  • Don’t be too lazy to train

Analyze your lyrics

To do this, choose any excerpt and write at least one paragraph. But remember: the bigger, the better the analysis. Try to write in the most natural way possible, so that it does not interfere with the diagnosis.

But why is this important? This is an effective way to identify the structure of your current handwriting. If it is full of curves, if the letters are too close together or too separate. In addition, it will be possible to identify which points you want to change, thus establishing a plan to change them.

How to choose the best pen?

Once the points you want to change are identified, the next step is to choose a pen. Ballpoint, rollerball or gel are some of the types available on the market. In all of them, there are also cutting edge options, which can be thin, medium or thick. For each objective, a type of pen.

However, there is no magic formula. You will have to test some templates until you find the one that best suits your handwriting style. It is worth remembering that the way to hold it will also influence your final result. Therefore, do not leave the pen too loose in your hand, or apply too much force.

Find the best paper position

Even as children, in the first years of school, we are influenced to use the notebook vertically. But this is not a universal standard. Each person has an ideal way to place the paper at the time of writing. Like the pen, you need to do some tests before finding the ideal position.

Taking into account how you are going to load the paper, you also need support. In addition to good positioning, the free hand can be used to provide support and stability during writing.


In the paragraph you wrote to identify the problems with your handwriting, it is important to note the amount of ink left on the paper, it must be the same in all words. Ideally, the writing should be smooth and uniform.

It is quite common for people to start writing smoothly and build strength over time. This, in addition to making the paper look wrinkled, can cause tiredness and pain in your hands. To avoid excess pressure it is important to go on training, until you find the appropriate point, which will uniform your letter.

Alignment, direction and spacing

These are the key points for beautiful and harmonious handwriting. Regarding food, the ideal is that all paragraphs of the text are symmetrical and as aligned as possible. This will ensure a cleaner and more harmonious look, increasing the impression of beautiful handwriting.

As far as direction is concerned, some people have the most inclined handwriting, making the writing a little cluttered and cluttered. If the direction of the letters is hindering legibility, a good way to correct it is to change the position of the paper and train less inclined letters.

Last, but not least, is the spacing. It is a fundamental item for beautiful calligraphy. Spaces that are too large or too small can impair the overall look and demonstrate poor writing skills. Ideally, they should be standardized and balanced.

Standardize the font size

This point is also important to have a more harmonious handwriting, and consequently, with better legibility. For that, there is no way, it takes a lot of training.

It is a more common problem when sheets without guidelines are used, since the lines can serve as a guide, both for alignment and for size. To train you have to write a lot, always trying to standardize the font size.

Use simple shapes

It is common that at the beginning there is a desire to have a super beautiful and designed handwriting. But at least in the beginning, it is necessary to develop skills with the basic forms. In this phase, the simpler the better.

After some time and some practice, it is normal for you to be more familiar with all shapes and lines, thus, you will feel safer to create and elaborate the letter format better.

Don’t be too lazy to train

This is the biggest secret to improving handwriting. At the beginning you can use specific notebooks for this purpose , but as you progress, you can do exercises even on sheets without guidelines.

A good way to train calligraphy is to use pangramas, which in a simplified way, are phrases that use all the letters of the alphabet. Usually they don’t make any sense, but they are great for exercising.

The best known, are available on various websites, and are prior to the addition of the letters k, wey in our alphabet, but they are equally valid.

Here are some phrases to train calligraphy:

    • Futile banks paid him for cheese and chess whiskey.
    • One-eyed Java zebras want to fax to giant New York girls.
    • Blitz holds ex-squint with fake check.
    • Gazeta today publishes in the newspaper a brief cleaning note in the feast.
    • A small sowling tortoise saw ten happy storks.

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