Tips to avoid stress in the summer

Summer vacations are supposed to be to relax, disconnect from the routines that trap us all year long, recharge our batteries and enjoy the tranquility. But it’s not always like this. With the arrival of summer and the intensive working hours, more time is spent at home, either with the partner or with the children, and what in principle can be something positive and satisfactory can turn into a real nightmare at the cost of stress. Children’s vacations are long and they demand more attention and dedication. And the longer time spent living with the couple can exacerbate problems that are lethargic during the winter.

Stress is an organism’s own reaction with which it tries to adapt to new environmental situations. Physically it manifests itself by increasing the speed of movements, tensing the muscles and mobilizing the blood more quickly. But it also has a significant impact on cognitive response, behavior, and sleep. A little stress is normal and even healthy. But if it is not controlled and reaches excessive levels it is negative. And in summer it is easy for this to happen, since, in addition, heat can enhance stressful situations, although not cause it.

To avoid this, experts suggest following a series of recommendations:

  • Beware of the heat. It can cause mood swings, trouble sleeping, tiredness, distress, and other symptoms. And all this exacerbate the stress caused by pre-existing situations.
  • Organize children’s activities. Their vacations are longer than those of the parents and they have a higher demand on them. Of course you have to spend time with them, but they should also have their own activities. While parenting vacations roll in, camping, sports, or games with friends can help resolve the situation. And family vacations will also have to be planned thinking about it, especially so that parents have moments of tranquility and freedom to be able to do things without children.
  • Manage time. Summer work hours can add to the stress at work and then it is carried home. It is important to plan your work well and it is highly recommended to do activities that help eliminate stress in the afternoon (physical exercise, outings with friends, etc.).
  • Sleep well and the necessary time. While working we get up earlier and the longer daylight time invites us to go to bed later. Many times, in addition, the heat makes you not sleep well. Not getting enough sleep will cause you to feel tired and anxious the next day; and this will lead to increased stress. A nap sitting on the couch for a maximum of 10-20 minutes will help to park the stress of the day.
  • Food. A balanced diet based on fresh and light foods, with hardly any fat, will help minimize stress and anxiety.
  • Disconnect during the holidays. But doing it for real, being able to spend less time on the mobile, tablet or laptop, and dedicate yourself to what really matters: rest and enjoy.
  • Relaxation exercises. If you feel stressed, it may be useful to carry out some relaxation exercise (breathing, visualization, etc.).
  • Relationship or family problems. In summer, the time spent living with the partner and in general with the family increases, making it easier for problems of living together or conflicts of any kind to arise. In the event that there are already previous problems, these will probably worsen. Good communication and dialogue is the best means to solve them.


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