Tips for Successful Start a Beauty Salon Business for Beginners

For those of you who want to set up a beauty salon business, start now and don’t hesitate. The beauty salon business has a huge opportunity and can be said to be very promising for ever. The increasing need for beauty salons is supported by increasing standards and worship of women’s beauty. According to child, adolescent, and family psychologist Efnie Indrianie, M.Psi, beauty is a magnet that is able to hypnotize especially women.

Beauty is closely related to culture so that the beautiful standards in each culture are different. But the construction of media makes beauty standards focused on one type of beauty. According to academics Muzayin Nazaruddin, beautiful based on the media are thin, slim, white, long straight black hair, fashionable and always maintain the appearance and routine body care to stay young. Not surprisingly, many women are willing to spend a lot of money to do treatment at a beauty salon. They do not consider it a big expense. Even going to a beauty salon is now considered a basic need coupled with clothing, shelter and food.

However, considerable opportunities do not necessarily make you carelessly start a beauty business. Not only a matter of skill, careful planning and substantial costs are also a consideration when deciding to start this business. You should pay attention to the following tips so that a business that starts does not stop halfway.

Define Service and Expertise

When you start a beauty salon business, you need to know that this business has a broad scope. Decide what services and expertise to choose and make sure they are truly mastered. You can also take courses or hire employees with these skills.

For example, you have expertise in haircuts. So first open the salon in the haircut, can also be added to the creambath service  Over time, you can add other services such as rebonding , hair dye, washing your face, face masks to other complicated services.

Create a Business Plan

Most good business owners start by making a business plan. No exception to the beauty business. Outline your salon business plan, starting with the concept of a salon, customer segment, business location, equipment needed, financing, supplier plans, resources, promotional channels and so on. All these plans will be interconnected later.

If you already have a concept in mind, it will be easier to find which customers you want to go to. After finding your target customers, you will be able to determine where your beauty salon will operate, and so on. If you find it difficult to do this first step, you can ask the experienced, take a class or hire a business consultant. Journal becomes one of the providers of business consultancy with professional consultants free of charge .

Determine the Cost

The main principle in opening a beauty salon is operating costs. Starting from the cost of training, equipment and rent. The concept of the salon chosen will affect the costs incurred. If you have a large enough capital, you can open quite a lot of salon services. However, if capital is limited, it is necessary to choose which services are provided first. This can be based on the ability to purchase tools or skills possessed.

In this case it is necessary to know in detail how much it costs and where it comes from. Arrange your budget and discipline in spending it. Survey the equipment that will be used in your business. Do not let because you want to immediately open your own beauty salon, you carelessly in buying that leads to capital that is too high. Determination of fees here also includes the selling price that you provide to customers. Consider the capital you have spent, daily operating costs, your wages as a service provider and the quality of services provided.

Choose Location

Location is also one of the factors that determine the success of your beauty salon business. Make sure the location you choose is a place with high visibility, high pedestrian traffic and don’t forget to be close to your target customers. For those of you who open your own salon business after working with other salons, location is also an important enough consideration.

If you want your old clients to be current customers, consider not opening a place of business that is too far from where you worked before. Customers also have a certain distance limit when they want to follow the beauty experts they subscribe to. One mile is the standard for how far people will follow you if they are near your old location.

Promote Salon

After the plan is determined and the location is determined, it’s time to introduce your beauty salon. The current marketing model allows you to introduce your business well before the store actually opens . Benefits for those of you who have previously worked in large salons. You can start promotions from old clients. For each client who chooses to use your service, give them extra appreciation and encourage them to refer your beauty salon to their friends. For those of you who want to have new customers, you can do it by creating advertisements, distributing brochures and maximizing promotions on social media.

Watch the Latest Trends

If you start a salon business with a haircut service, then you need to know what haircuts are trending. From hairstyles for children, women to men. Salon is a means to appear more attractive, neat and of course present. Understand market needs.

Commit Yourself

You must be committed seriously to your business, even though it takes extra time and patience, but this commitment will make your business successful. Hospitality, maximum service and always consistent in serving are ways to commit to your business. Never give up if your salon is quiet, keep it open every day. Commitment is one of the keys to the success of a business.


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