Tips to Maintain Endurance when Fasting with 3 Food Content

Not feel we have entered the 14th day of the month of Ramadan, starting from April 24, 2020. So far how is your fast? Current? Or have you been perforated? When we are fasting for Ramadan, our daily activities remain the same, perhaps only reducing the hours. Like schools that usually go home at 2 pm, so at 12 noon. The same goes for your parents or older siblings who work.

But, since the covid-19 virus outbreak occurred, we have all been asked to do all the activities at home. Starting from studying, to work. Well, even though the activity is done at home, our brain continues to work. That’s when our bodies also need energy to stay focused and able to think well.

However, in this holy month of Ramadan, all eating and drinking activities are stopped starting before the dawn prayer, until the evening prayer. To make our bodies still have good endurance, also not easily weak, the key is the consumption of food when we all eat.

Maybe there are still many who think that the meal must be a lot of food or drink a lot, the calculation of saving for the next 13 hours. But remember, we are humans, not camels who have their own water storage. Want to eat as much as anything or drink as much as anything, will not affect the weakness or not our bodies.

For that, the most important thing to consider is eating patterns at dawn. Try at dawn, you eat foods that are rich in fiber, contain protein, vitamins, and can facilitate digestion.

3 ingredients that must be in your food

1. Fiber

Foods high in fiber. Source:

Health experts advise against consuming too much food at dawn. For that, eating foods that are rich in fiber, can make the body feel full faster. Then, other positive things you can also get because the fibrous food takes a long time to be digested in our bodies. Then the feeling of fullness will feel longer.

Experts also advise men and women regarding the amount of fibrous food that must be consumed per day. For men, it is highly recommended to consume foods that contain 38 grams of fiber per day. While women, it is recommended to consume as much as 25 grams of fiber per day.

2. Fat

Foods with unsaturated fat content. Source:

During this time you might know fat as something bad, which will make your body grow not ideal and tend to cause various diseases. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that opinion. Indeed fat will be bad for the body, but if it is consumed in excess. Basically, everything that is excessive is not good right?

Well, it turns out that fat also has benefits. Fat in this case is unsaturated yes. By consuming foods with unsaturated fat content, your body will not easily feel hungry, and will certainly make learning activities at your home more optimal. For example, avocados, seeds, olive oil.

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3. Protein

Foods high in protein. Source:

As you learned in science or biology, protein is very good for the body. Protein has properties as a substance that can regulate your body’s metabolic processes that will turn into energy. But, this is very important to note, consuming protein should also not be excessive, because the effect is an unpleasant odor in your mouth throughout the day. Hmm, don’t want people to run away when you’re close to you.

Those are the 3 ingredients that are ideally found in our foods at dawn. Ingredients such as fiber, usually contained in vegetables or oat porridge. Vegetables that are rich in fiber and good for you to consume at dawn such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, water spinach, and other types of vegetables.

Then don’t forget to consume fruit, besides containing fiber, fruit is also rich in vitamins. So, in addition to making your body feel full longer, fruit also helps keep the body in shape, because of the vitamins it contains.

Now for protein, you can eat eggs, fish, chicken, beef, or beans. But if you want to be frugal and fast, you can also make enough eggs as a source of protein at dawn. Then, you can get unsaturated fat from eating avocados, fish, or meatball soup. Meatball soup or chicken soup can be a healthy meal because it contains protein, fat, and fiber as well.

Meatball soup with nutritious content. Source:

Apart from these foods, don’t forget to consume enough mineral water. Avoid drinks containing artificial sweet, because it will only make your body weak and easily dehydrated.

If you follow all this, it is very likely that your body will stay in shape, and your mind will remain focused on learning.

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