Tips to Get Bad Smells on Fabric Furniture

We are not exempt from an accident in our living room or our furniture, for example, that something is on top of us and for those of us who have pets, get on and dirty them, especially cloth furniture.

These tips that we are going to tell you are very practical, you can easily get all the ingredients, if you no longer have them at home.

Always remember, before using some of the cleaning mixtures, first test a corner that is not very visible. This in order to verify that the mixture does not alter the color or the material of the furniture.

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As a general recommendation, never expose the fabric directly to the sun, as it can affect its color, if you need them to dry you can extend them to the sun, but on the back of the lining or cover. Also keep in mind to use hot water in the wash as it also affects the color of the fabric, it is best to use warm or cold water.

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Practical Tips for Cleaning Fabric Furniture

  1. If you want to remove the bad smell from your furniture, for example, because some pet lies there or if it smells like cigarettes, this home remedy is very effective. It is a mixture of lavender, thyme and baking soda. The bicarbonate in addition to disinfecting, helps preserve the color of the fabric.

You can find lavender in a health food store or sell fragrances, do not use a liquid to clean with lavender aroma because it can stain the furniture.

In an atomizer jar add 180 grams of baking soda and the same amount of dried leaves of thyme and lavender essence. Stir well and with the help of the atomizer sprinkle the mixture throughout the furniture.

Apply it at night and let it act until the next day, then with the help of a vacuum cleaner clean the furniture to remove any particles that are left.

  1. If your furniture has linings that can be washed, before doing so in the washing machine, we recommend you soak the cloth liners in a mixture of warm salt water.

Prepare 2 cups of salt and warm water in a bucket, put the covers or lining upside down to protect the color more, let it soak for 30 minutes and then you can rinse normally or put them in the washing machine.

  1. For furniture with white cloth you could use hydrogen peroxide, remember to do the test before using it on the whole piece of furniture, as this product is very strong and has a bleaching effect.

If you pass the test, you must clean the entire piece of furniture and not just the stained part, so you will avoid aura on the upholstery. Make circular movements so as not to spread the stain.


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