Tips for The Division Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to the new Ubisoft title, The Division , this series of helps, tips and first steps will help you to function very well during the first hours of play. If a collectible resists you or you don’t even know where to start on the streets of devastated New York, this is your beginner’s guide.


-The main objective of the game will be to complete the main missions , reach the maximum possible level in the Dark Zone and try to get the best weapons possible so that we are not annihilated at the first change.

-It is very important to pay attention to the recommended level of the missions , since if we try to complete a mission with one or two levels below the recommended level, it will be almost impossible to complete it alone.

-You do not have to focus only on the main missions, since you will be  able to entertain yourself with the secondary missions , with which to  increase level and get equipment .

-It is always better to play together , check if your friends are connected or if there is a player near your area before you start doing solo missions. Cooperation will be key in The Division.

-Very important to know the enemies that attack us , there are mainly 2 classes: Cleaners and Bandits . The first ones have the mission of ending all survivors, they are the first that we will meet in the game during the first missions, they usually carry flamethrowers, but if we are skillful and we shoot them in the backpacks they carry on their back they will explode and can damage the nearby enemies. On the other hand, bandits are more common enemies but with whom we must be careful with snipers, we can distinguish them when we see a flash pointing towards us, at that moment we should not show our head or they will annihilate us with a shot.

-We will have 16 skills in total to choose from and each of them has 4 modifications, the best skills that we can choose to start with will be the Turret in the Technology branch , and the Riot Shield that we find in the Security branch . At the moment that we improve the Base of Operations , we can opt for the Tactical Link that increases the damage we do and the critics or the Survivor Link that increases our resistance to damage and our speed.

– Improving our Base of Operations is very important , in it we will see 3 different branches:  Technology, Medical and Security , each section providing different improvements to use, having at level 20 we should have the Base completely improved.

How to level up faster

If we want to level up quickly, we can  repeat the missions that we have already completed but increasing their difficulty , in this way at the end of the mission again we will receive more experience than the first time we completed it.


The collectibles can be shown on the map, but to be able to see them fully, you must first buy the Canine Unit upgrade in the Security wing of our Base of Operations that costs 200 Medicine credits, once purchased we must perform all the missions of the area where we want to see the collectibles. For example, in the Chelsea district we must complete all the missions, secondary missions and encounters, so that in this way all the collectibles are shown to us.


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