Tips for not getting fat while working from home!

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus , a series of professionals started to work from home. However, especially for those who were not used to the home-office , all that extra time at home can trigger unhealthy behaviors.

At home, access to food is easier, while accumulated work can take up the time that would be devoted to preparing healthy and balanced meals, increasing the consumption of industrialized products.

The rush of work can also prevent you from exercising and make you sit too long. And we know that sitting too long can compromise your health .

The good news is that you can change this scenario. There are changes and strategies that help not to put on weight and maintain health while working from home! Let’s go to them:

Index of this article:

  1. Work away from the kitchen

The place chosen for your home-office should be as far away from the kitchen as possible. That’s because the closer you are to the kitchen or the more you pass through it, the more likely you are to fall into temptation.

To take less risk of feeling the urge to resort to calorie-laden beverages throughout the day, make sure that your meals are complete, healthy and nutritious, and that they satiate you.

  1. Don’t leave a thermos of coffee on the table

Without very well-organized schedules to work at home, the person may feel tired and decide to leave a large bottle of coffee nearby to give that one up. The problem is when it means drinking coffee all day.

This is not healthy, especially if it is coffee with sugar. However, even sugar-free coffee consumed excessively is not a good idea. Drinking too much coffee is bad because it increases blood glucose (sugar) levels and creates a difficulty in relation to insulin sensitivity .

There are also side effects associated with excess caffeine, which include:

  • insomnia;
  • nervousness, restlessness, anxiety and agitation;
  • stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting;
  • chest pain, increased heart rate and breathing;
  • Headache;
  • ringing in the ear.

As if that were not enough, the excess of coffee increases cortisol, which is the stress hormone, which causes the body to burn muscle mass and accumulate fats.

Not to mention that stress and increased cortisol can be one of the causes of low immunity , something that needs to be avoided especially in times of the new coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Do not exchange lunch for a snack

In the wake of work or due to the high amount of activities, the person may have zero desire to take a break from the service and dedicate time to prepare their lunch. So, the option becomes to eat just a snack or sandwich while working.


The problem is that this snack that takes the place of lunch has great chances of being caloric and going far from being healthy. Even if it’s not that bad, the snack probably won’t satiate as much as a full lunch and will certainly not have the same nutrients.

Is it too difficult for you to take time every day to make lunch? The tip is to set aside a day off or the weekend to prepare healthy lunch boxes for the whole week and freeze them.

So, when lunch time comes, just defrost the lunchbox and eat. Learn how to make fitness lunch boxes for the whole week .

  1. Establish schedules

The mess in working hours can make everything messy and busy and prevent you from having time to pause, sit down and eat healthy meals. For example, instead of having breakfast when you wake up, you can rush to work.

Thus, when skipping meals or taking a long time between one meal and another, the person may end up using calorie snacks.

Therefore, the tip is to establish schedules both for work and for the other activities of your day to day, which includes your meals. How to do this? One trick is to try to keep the same hours you had when working outside the home.

For example, if business hours start at 9 am, you can start work at 9 am, but wake up at 8 am to have time to have a healthy breakfast .

And so on: take the same lunch break you used to do at the office, the same breaks for healthy snacks and end your shift at the same time it used to end.

  1. Resist desserts

When working out, it can be easier to keep that promise not to eat sweets during the week.

On the other hand, at home you are faced at all times with the sweets you bought to eat over the weekend or with your children’s sweets. Thus, there is a great risk of going to eat dessert daily for lunch and dinner.

This will inevitably increase your sugar consumption. In addition to weight gain, excess sugar is also associated with increased blood pressure and chronic inflammation, for example.

But what if the craving for candy hits? The solution is to resort to fruits, which are naturally sweet. For example, you can bake a banana or apple in the oven or in the microwave and add a little cinnamon.


  1. Drink more water

The availability of several other drinks at home can make people overuse them and forget about water. However, it is very important to take care to drink a good amount of water throughout the day.

This is because the liquid is essential for various processes in the body and to prevent dehydration . In addition to the danger of becoming dehydrated, another problem is that these drinks that take the place of water can be caloric and rich in sugar.

Also, not drinking enough water for whatever reason can still give you a false feeling of hunger. The center of hunger and the center of thirst are very close in the brain, so those who drink little water may think they are hungry and eat unnecessarily.

Therefore, it is essential to strive to have a routine that involves drinking water throughout the day. It is usually recommended to consume two liters of water per day.

For this, instead of leaving a bottle of coffee, juice or soda on the desk, leave a large bottle of water, with your goal of ingesting it for the day, and constantly remember to consume it.

Enjoy and get to know other tips on how to drink more water in your routine and watch the video of our nutritionist giving more tips for those who need to work from home and do not want to put on weight:


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