Tips for Harmonious Family by Sharing Roles

Oh Mama, don’t ever feel guilty for asking your husband to help with household chores. “Maybe it is our nature as a woman to be more precise as a wife to do all the housework. Even though it’s a little tiring but it’s our job.

Besides, it doesn’t feel good to ask my husband for help, I don’t want to bother my husband. He’s already busy with his job. I’m afraid he’s stressed. That’s what some of the wives said.

Even though we have stepped into the modern world, homework is still seen as the main responsibility of a wife – be it a wife or a housewife – as many studies have reported.

Perhaps because a woman feels guilty about asking her husband to do this, the wife remains faithful to all the household chores until she sacrifices all of her time and energy. Sometimes when we are told, without thinking, we will definitely do it. This is the dilemma most women have to have.

The Importance of Equality between Husband and Wife So that the Household Remains Harmonious

Husband and wife must give the best for each other. Because it will be a very solid foundation in building a household life. it takes good cooperation between husband and wife. The ability to understand each other and the awareness to have an equal role are the keys to a harmonious family.

Regarding the division of roles that should be carried out, child and family psychologist, Roslina Verauli, stated that every family has a different understanding. Each family must have its own value, profile, economic situation, number of children, socio-economic conditions and so on. In every household, such aspects will certainly differ and cannot be equated.

The main thing that must be done by each partner is communication. “The aspects of domestic life should be able to be considered, studied and especially discussed carefully.” Both must also be responsive and willing to replace their partner’s role when there is a certain obstacle.

For example, a husband is identical as the head of the household and the breadwinner. However, under certain conditions, if in fact the income from the husband is not sufficient to pay for family needs. So, it doesn’t matter if the wife is also working. It is a form of wives’ willingness to share roles with their husbands for the sake of their household’s survival.

Actually, there is nothing wrong if the wife also has to work. Provided, he lived it sincerely and did not consider it a burden or problem in his own family. Vice versa, when a wife feels she needs help in managing the household, there is nothing wrong if the husband helps his wife and takes over her duties.

Helping a wife with household chores does not mean that “husbands are afraid of wives”. But more precisely changing roles. In fact, you don’t have to argue to divide up tasks and ask your husband for help with household chores.

  1. Husbands Trying to Be More Sensitive
    The first fact that husbands need to digest is the amount of homework and he will never finish. Because it will be repeated and repeated again. There is no term ‘leave’ for wives, especially mothers. In fact, if you notice, most of these household chores seem invisible – for example cleaning the house, cooking, washing, and sending children to school. Maybe it is taken for granted and invisible, but if we don’t do it, then everyone in the house will feel the difference.
  2. Husbands Learn to Understand More
    If a husband learns to take care of children and work, maybe some of them will be able to better understand the difficulties of his wife. If not, and always stick to ancient thinking and think that the wife should do all the housework. Then it will be very sad for a wife. What is more, a wife who is only a housewife (who has no income) will feel that she is not respected and feels that she is “always on shaky ground” because she expects a living from her husband.
  3. Strengthening the Household
    In the findings of recent research, research has found that the involvement of husbands in household chores and child care can strengthen the household. This is also proven to help reduce divorce cases in addition to being a pillar of emotional stability for both partners.
  4. Husband Is an Example for Children
    A good family leader will definitely not take advantage of members or members. They believe in the most important responsibilities in the household. They make sure that all members are happy, safe, and secure. They wisely delegate, contribute, and not just lead. But when it comes to managing yourself, it’s great to expect a wife, how would the child want to emulate their leadership? The role of a good father, will be an example for children.
  5. Children Will Follow Parents
    It is necessary for couples to remember that children do not understand anything, even when they are teenagers. Trust me, it will be easier for them to follow what their parents do in their daily lives compared to always demanding that they be nice every day.

Seeing the cooperation between their mother and father, children will surely grow up with high tolerance, independence, and empathy. It will make him successful in life.

Appreciate the husband’s effort

There is no doubt that there are many husbands who are able to make their wives feel happy, safe, comfortable, and also able to make their wives feel at ease. The luck of having a good and wise husband only belongs to good women, right?

There are also some husbands who want to help but don’t know where to start. Help them to Understand and Talk well. When husbands help, it is best to evaluate their efforts. Even though the initials aren’t perfect, it’s also proof of their love for you!


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