Tips for Dealing with Toxic Bosses at Work

In the workplace there are always various problems faced by employees. The problems faced are usually related to work problems, problems with other employees, to problems with their own superiors.

Having problems with your boss is also a factor that will affect your performance as an employee.

Even though superiors are usually an example for their employees, many of us encounter bosses who are fierce, authoritarian, not accommodating, and so on.

Bosses like that often take out their anger or resentment on employees. Even though you as an employee don’t know where you went wrong.

This type of boss is the type of toxic boss you need to deal with. Well, in this article, we will discuss giving tips on dealing with toxic superiors at work. Here is the discussion!

How to deal with toxic bosses at work

Before knowing how to deal with a toxic boss at work. You have to know what types of toxic bosses look like. The following are the types of toxic bosses at work:

Too Controlling

The first toxic bosses are those who always manage the employees. Always tell you what to do and not to do and how to do it.

This boss always supervises and controls every little thing from his employees, so that employees are almost not given the opportunity to think independently.

This type of boss is a toxic boss. Because you will not be able to develop and be independent if you continue to be on the finger of your boss. By doing these things, it means that he cannot build trust in his employees.

He is very authoritarian and never invites discussion of his employees to decide things. So there is no room for creativity for employees, let alone to learn new things.

The Narcissist

The next Toxic bosses are those who always consider themselves attractive, accomplished, charismatic, and confident. They always feel that they are important and their rights are excessive.

Such bosses are usually more concerned with personal success than mutual success. They have excessive admiration and want to be always praised. But not able to reflect on his own mistakes and even his own failures.

Narcissists who are concerned with their own performance for the sake of getting a bonus or award, usually only care about their own reputation regardless of their employees or their own team.

In fact, the drama is worse than the narcissist type is that they can claim the results of teamwork as the result of their own work. Even though the team has worked hard to work together.

This type of toxic boss is those who bully their employees. They are unaware of their own vices and often bully employees with harsh words or physically.

The intruder

Toxic’s next boss is the bully. They are people who like to scream, yell, demean and ridicule their employees.

Even more extreme, the boss who has the label of a bully is those who like to play one another. So that employees always face nightmares every time they come to the office.

Never wrong

If you find a boss who always feels he is right and employees are always wrong, it means that they are a toxic boss.

This kind of character usually always blames others for all the problems that exist. And do not realize that in fact he is the one who must be responsible for all the problems that exist as a superior.

Bosses who always feel that they are never wrong are also those who always want to hear the good news and often disappear when conflicts arise.

He will suddenly find it difficult to contact when asked for a consideration or decision. Even if he is in the room, the best reason is “busy”, so that to solve the problem he will ask someone else to solve it.

So, those are the characteristics of a toxic boss that you may also encounter at work. If you feel uncomfortable with these conditions. You have to know how to deal with a toxic boss like that. Here are tips for dealing with toxic superiors at work:

Stay Focused on Work   

When you have to deal with a toxic boss, don’t think about resigning yet, because resigning from work doesn’t mean you won’t be reunited with a toxic boss. So, the most effective way to stay comfortable working is to face it.

Someone who has a toxic attitude is those who usually cannot change their own behavior. He prefers to bully others without being able to correct his own mistakes.

Therefore, what you have to do to deal with it is change your behavior.

If you run into a Toxic boss who spills out his frustration and anger on you, you don’t have to say it back.

Instead of getting rewarded, you better focus on the work you are doing. Make sure you maximize your performance at the office, rather than serving a toxic boss.

Because if you treat your boss’s anger, his toxicity will intensify and he will continue to target you as an object of bullying.

So, when you ignore the toxic boss, it could be that he will stop because he feels he doesn’t get your attention.

Change Mindset by Finding the Roots of the Problem

Tips for dealing with toxic superiors at work can be done by changing your mindset. You can give suggestions to your mind to change the way your boss says it to you.

You can do this by looking for the root cause of what your boss said. Or it could be the reason why your boss talks like that in the office. That way you can face it more calmly and can be wiser.

Bosses who try to intimidate their employees are usually insecure, selfish and manipulative. Because he has power in the office, and great control over everything.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that you as an employee must continue to follow what he says.

This condition indeed makes employees feel uncomfortable facing it. Not even strong enough to decide to resign from the office.

However, it would be better for those of you who do not allow it to resign, to do the tips mentioned above.

Keep Your Distance With Toxic Bosses

Anyone will get annoyed when a boss starts verbally bullying him. Not a few people when dealing with things like this feel down or even reply to their words back.

So, instead of serving a toxic boss like that, you better keep your distance from the toxic boss.

While in the office, make sure not to get too close to the boss. Because usually body language is effective enough to avoid people disturbing your calm.

As long as you have the opportunity not to meet your boss in person, it’s better not to approach him.

This method will keep your work productivity organized, without having to feel bothered by the toxic boss.

And the most important thing is, you must have the generosity of heart so as not to take words of not wearing from your boss to your heart, so that it will interfere with your work productivity. And the work can be done well.

Communication and Networking with Fellow Employees

Furthermore, to deal with toxic superiors in the workplace is to build communication with other employees. Because if the boss has a toxic attitude like that, it does not rule out the possibility of being vented to other employees.

You should pay attention to your work environment. If you find an employee who is also being intimidated by the boss, better communicate with them.

If indeed the intimidation carried out by your boss has exceeded the normal level, you and other employees can work together to collect evidence so that it can be used as ammunition when needed.

The evidence collected can be in the form of verbal evidence or email. You can use this evidence if your boss threatens you with something more extreme, such as job dismissal.

Evidence collection can be done by making video recordings by other coworkers when a toxic boss is doing something. Or it can be with a voice recording that you make yourself.

So that it can be strong evidence that the boss is really bullying or other things that make employees feel uncomfortable.

Consult Issues with HR

Dealing with toxic superiors is not easy. You have to be mentally strong and always be at peace with yourself. Especially if it turns out that the target of intimidation is only you, even though the work is felt to be maximal and there are no significant problems.

This will undoubtedly reduce work productivity, especially if this is done repeatedly. So, if you feel that you are not strong enough to face a toxic boss like that. Then you have to contact HR (Human Resource) at your office.

Explain your problem in detail to the HR office for the bullying from your boss. If there are other employees who feel the same way, invite them to come along and provide verbal evidence to HR.

By consulting HR, you have at least helped advance the quality of the company. So that the work team can be healthier and you and other employees can also work more productively.

Survive or Not?

If you are unable to deal with the situation and feel pressured by your boss’s toxic treatment, there are only two choices you can make: stay or not.

If you still choose to survive in this situation, do the tips for dealing with toxic superiors that we have suggested above. Don’t just become yes-men who can only swallow orders from their superiors without giving input.

But if you do choose to step back, be sure to carefully consider it. All back to you, don’t let your integrity and courage lead to something dishonorable. So that the wrong decision.


That is the way to deal with toxic superiors at work. That way you can be more careful and wise in making decisions when you meet a toxic boss.

Because after all your work is professional and maximal, meeting a toxic boss will definitely disrupt your work productivity.

Because they cannot stand a toxic boss, not a few employees give up and choose to resign from the company they work for.

So many articles from us, hopefully this will be useful for those of you who are confused about a toxic boss. Good luck with the tips, hopefully useful.


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