Tips for Dealing with an Uncomfortable Work Environment

You are lucky if you have a comfortable and positive work environment. With the support of companies that support and promote a culture of collaboration among colleagues.

But unfortunately not everyone is that lucky, they have to face an uncomfortable work environment every day.

If you are in that position, of course you will feel uncomfortable in such an environment. In fact, work that was once your passion, will become annoying to the point of hating the job.

The feeling of enthusiasm to go to the office every day will no longer exist. In fact, holidays will be the most beautiful days for those of you who feel uncomfortable in the work environment.

However, this can actually be overcome. Do not let you endure such conditions, because it will only harm yourself.

So, here are some tips for dealing with an uncomfortable work environment. What you must apply so that you are not negatively affected by your work environment.

  • Talk directly to your boss

If you already find it difficult to deal with a work environment that is not conducive, try talking to your boss.

Indeed, this is a bit difficult to do, especially when you are just an ordinary employee. But discussing office problems with superiors is the best solution.

Speak at the right time, so you can convey your grievances more comfortably.

And so that the conversation is not too serious, you can also chat with your boss over coffee in the canteen. That way the atmosphere can be more fluid.

You can tell your boss that you want to make the company better. So it really needs good cooperation and a good work environment too.

  • Focus on Work and Do Your Best

Facing an uncomfortable workplace does not have to mean neglecting work. On the contrary, you have to stay focused on your work and do your best. Because that way, you can at least thank yourself for doing your best.

If you always find co-workers who don’t like your job, ask him where you went wrong.

So, you can be happy to correct these mistakes. If the person is still annoying, you can consult with your boss about it.

  • Be Professional

If it turns out that your workplace has bad habits, such as meetings always dragging, workers who always arrive late, are not honest with their superiors and so on. So what you have to do is be professional.

You don’t have to be influenced by such a work environment. You have to stay on time for meetings, go to work on time, and stay honest with your boss.

Don’t let a negative work environment influence you to become a negative person.

Because these habits can take root in you. It could be, if later you have left the company where you previously worked, and follow this work rhythm.

You will become a habit at a new workplace. And it will cost you very much.

  • Don’t give up easily

You have to emphasize to yourself is not to give up easily. Strive as much as possible to survive at work, remember your main goal of work.

Even if the work environment isn’t on your side, don’t give up quickly and decide to leave.

You can endure at least after getting another job. Because if you decide to resign from your workplace early, your financial situation will worsen.

So, persevering and not giving up is the right answer for those of you who are not comfortable with the work environment.

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  • Do Something That Can Keep You Morale

An uncomfortable work environment will lower your spirits. To stay motivated, and not slack in spirit, do things that can keep your spirits up. If you can get your spirits back just by drinking coffee outside of the office, then do it. Or you need your mother to encourage you, call her immediately.

In addition, exercise can also be an excellent spirit injector. In order to increase work motivation, do things that you think are fun. Don’t neglect entertainment, no matter how small it is if it can increase work motivation, do it.

  • Never Stop Learning Anything

An uncomfortable work environment may make you lazy to do everything. Even the motivation to work ebbs and flows. However, don’t let it bother you mentally, and keep learning. Keep exploring yourself, your job, and anything that can improve your employability.

Make the problems that arise in the work environment as a learning medium. Think of it as a test you have to pass. And if you can pass that test, you will climb even higher ladder in the world of work.

By learning continuously and improving yourself endlessly, it will make you more knowledgeable. And know how to deal with coworkers who make them uncomfortable at work. This method will be very useful for yourself, or in another world of work.

  • Continue to Think Positive

How to deal with an uncomfortable work environment filled with negativity must be faced with positive thoughts. Even though it may be difficult at first to keep your thoughts positive, once you get used to it you will feel the benefits.

For example, when there are work colleagues who constantly criticize work situations, every day without stopping. Of course you will feel annoyed and will even be a little triggered to do the same as them. However, make sure you don’t do that. Think positive, don’t get carried away by other people who think negative.

  • Create a More Relaxing Office Atmosphere

If you feel uncomfortable with the work environment, try to be the one to break the ice. Make jokes with your close friends at work, so that anything negative can be lost by joking.

The unpleasant atmosphere at work usually comes because people are too serious and there is no room for jokes. You have to be a remover of the negative side, because with a conducive workplace, of course the quality of employee work will be even better.

Instead of having a lot of stress and complaining constantly, to deal with an uncomfortable work environment is to break the ice. Because sometimes there will always be things to laugh at about any difficult things in life. Even in difficult circumstances, you should be able to laugh even if you just laugh at the difficulties.

  • Arrange Work Neatly and Structured

An uncomfortable work environment can be caused by a boss or work colleague who is too demanding. So that this can be handled properly, show maximum work performance. Make sure you are always ready with everything they ask for.

One way is to arrange office work in a neat and structured manner. Make the folders on your computer neat, so that when looking for a job that is requested by your boss or work colleagues you can easily find them.

You can keep a daily journal about what to do in the office. Or collect all kinds of work-related emails. Also note important conversations in your notes, as well as evaluate what has not been and has been done.

That way, you can deal with an uncomfortable work environment. Since discomfort at work is not only caused by things outside of yourself, it could be that the discomfort is coming from yourself.

  • Don’t Get Involved in Office Gossip

Every employee must have gossiped in the office, usually mostly gossiping about his boss or other office friends. You should never do this, because it will become a habit and will have a negative impact on your perspective.

Getting into the habit of gossiping will only get you stuck in a negative work environment. If there really is a mistake made by your boss, you can criticize them directly without having to talk about it backwards.

Or if your coworkers are lacking in their work, you can also convey it directly, without having to become toxic by talking about it behind your back.

Be brave not to talk about the faults of the people behind them. Because, it will not only be a parasite for you, but will become a bad habit that is not easy to break.

  • Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Having fun is the most powerful way to deal with an uncomfortable work environment. Having fun is very important, because it will make your mind relax and clear again. Even though you are facing a super busy job, and a variety of job demands that are piling up. Having fun will make you forget about an uncomfortable work environment.

There are many ways to have fun, and everyone has their own way of having fun. It can be with a vacation with your family, hanging out with your boyfriend, hanging out with friends while doing karokean, and there are many things you can do.

Do not let uncomfortable office situations be faced with your attitudes and behavior towards yourself. Give yourself space to breathe the fresh air of life other than work. Because having fun doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Finding Other Workplaces

Before doing these tips, you must carefully analyze the problem you are currently facing. If you find that the discomfort you feel at work is not because you are too sensitive, and a really toxic work environment, you can choose this option.

Look for other workplaces, if you can’t survive where you are now. Because a toxic environment will indirectly hinder your productivity as well as your professionalism at work. You have to always improve, and find a more comfortable work environment.

A profession is simply a job that you do to survive. Don’t make him a burden that will disturb him mentally. So, the last option you can do is give up the job and look for a new one.

Well, those are the tips for dealing with an uncomfortable work environment that we recommend. Those of you who are not comfortable at work can follow these tips so you don’t rush to leave. Hope this article was useful for you!


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