Tips for Dark Souls 3

If you are starting your adventure in the Souls universe, these series of tips for Dark Souls 3 for PlayStation 4 will come in  handy . In this guide for beginners, we have collected everything you need to know to progress through this spectacular action game where we must demonstrate our toughness and skill against countless enemies and final bosses.


  • First you must familiarize yourself with each button on the controller, what action each one performs since it is a skill game and therefore, it is mandatory to learn and know your character well.
  • The Critical Attackmust be mastered , since it is very important to have them dominated in combat when we place ourselves behind the enemy’s back, thus being able to do more damage to them.
  • When facing a new enemy you must have patience, learn the enemy’s movement patterns, their skills and their most dangerous attacks. If we decide to go into combat without heeding this advice, we will die immediately. You do not have to go crazy, but with your head.
  • You have to learn to roll, always fixate on the enemy and control the shieldas if it were just another extension of your body. These movements will serve to block many of the attacks, while if we roll we will avoid the most damaging attacks of the enemy avoiding dying in a short time.
  • You have to know each type of weaponthat you handle since each one of them has different abilities and attacks.
  • Try to explore the map as much as possible, taking special care with traps when we enter a new area for us.
  • Find the shortcuts with the levers and elevatorsto save as much time as possible and not waste time wandering around lost without finding your way.
  • When you locate a chest, first we must kill all the enemies that are around it , since it is possible that new enemies appear when opening the chest.
  • Do not waste and consume the souls of the bosses, it is much better to exchange them for more powerful weapons, shields and spells.
  • If you are choking on a boss fight, feel free to join or find other people in online modewho are doing the same fight. Together it will be easier to kill him.
  • When you can buy the key to the tower, since doing so will unlock  a ring that increases the amount of souls you collect .
  • Do not hesitate to spend souls on objects, this way you save yourself from losing them later in combat.
  • The most powerful enemies in the game can deal damage from elements: cold, fire, electricity, etc. Therefore, try to find some armor that gives you resistance to that element or that I blocked that element to make it easier to kill that enemy.

How to defeat bosses

Beat Ludex Gundyr

The fight with the boss Ludex Gundyr consists of two phases. The first phase is simple, we wait for him to attack us and then hit him with some good shots. When the second phase begins you must move away when he is going to attack, approach from behind and try to hit him for as long as he allows you.

Defeat Great Putrid Forest

Its weak points must be attacked, for this it looks for the lumps that explode almost instantly when you attack them. Certain lumps must be broken with our bow or crossbow, since we will not arrive with the sword, when you see that the wheel moves to get away from it.

Defeat the Crystal Sage

As soon as the combat begins we must go for it and attack it, when it disappears you must hide so that when it appears it does not harm you with the crystals it launches, once dodged we must avoid the spells that it casts at us, since some can be very strong. Apart from this, you must eliminate the clones as quickly as possible.

Defeat the Abyss Watchers

In the first phase, attack the first guard but dodging their counterattacks, when you see the second guard, you must run throughout the room until the third guard appears. Well, when two guards are present they will fight each other. That moment should be used to end them. Finally when the second phase begins, which will be more difficult, you must learn the attack patterns of the last vigilante.

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