Tips for Choosing and Renting a Virtual Office

Virtual office or virtual office is an innovative new concept in the business world. A virtual office is a “work space or office building” located in cyberspace (internet). With this virtual office, business people and employees can work anywhere via online channels without having to have a real office building.

The presence of a virtual office provides many benefits, especially for start-ups and SMEs who do not have enough capital to buy or build a representative building.
and your business partners without having to bother taking care of office building maintenance, electricity costs, taking care of IMB, and so on, because all of that has been handled by the virtual office rental service provider company.

Then where can we get this virtual office application service? Currently in Indonesia, especially in big cities, there are many companies that provide space for virtual offices that you can rent for a certain period of time (monthly or annually). To select and rent a virtual office that is good for your business requires in-depth care. According to, some tips that you should pay attention to include the following.

  1. Pay attention to the appropriateness of the premises and buildings.
    One of the things that virtual office tenants want to get is a good, professional and prestigious impression in the eyes of their customers, clients and business partners. Therefore, as a tenant, you have to pay attention to whether your virtual head office address is in a good and representative building?

Don’t let the virtual office that you rent be in an old office building or an ordinary house that has been overhauled and forced into an office design. If your customers or clients visit the office address and see that your office building does not look proper, it will create a negative image for your business.

  1. Pay attention to the strategic location Good
    virtual offices are generally located in the central business district or in buildings that are intended for office centers and can guarantee your legality when you need an office address that will be included on business documents, company cards, administration, promotional purposes, and others.
  2. Providing Adequate Support Facilities
    Under certain conditions, often your clients and business partners want to hold a business meeting in your office. So, in choosing a virtual office service provider company, you have to pay attention to whether the building where your virtual office is located has the facilities that support this, such as large meeting rooms, receptionist personnel, office boy services, and waiting rooms? The completeness of these supporting facilities will at least affect the professionalism of your business.
  3. Know the Supporting Technology Facilities
    What is vital in applying a virtual office for your business is the supporting technology facilities, especially the telephony features, for example a remote receptionist who will take calls from your clients and then connect to your cellphone, a virtual assistant who helps you deal with problems remote administration of your company, call centers that appear to be your employees, dedicated phone line features, and the like.

With sophisticated and professional technological features provided by the virtual office company, your business performance will not be disturbed due to technical problems.

  1. Ensuring the Legality and Legality of Your Business
    Before you decide to rent a virtual office, first check whether the virtual office service provider company already has a business license.
    A good office rental service is able to guarantee the legality and legality of your business when visited by clients, banks, business partners, government parties, and so on.
  2. Compare Prices and Promotion Packages The last
    tip when you plan to rent a virtual office is to compare the prices and promotions offered by various virtual office service providers. Look at the price packages offered, then adjust them to your business needs.

For example, a rental package of IDR 200,000 / month; IDR 400 thousand / month; IDR 5 million / year, and other options. Don’t let you choose the super complete package, but a variety of facilities and features are not so important for your business.


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