Tips for Facing World War III or Nuclear War If Really Happens

Recently, rumors about the outbreak of World War III have increasingly become the subject of discussion. The US and Russia are accused of starting small sparks which are feared to trigger something big. Not to mention their involvement in various conflicts that exist today.

Of course, no one would have hoped that World War III really happened. But unfortunately, that possibility turns out to exist. Moreover, the two superpowers seem to have prepared everything.

Know all the preparations to defend yourself in the midst of conflict

Aftermath of the issue of World War III, of course, spread to nuclear weapons that seemed unable to escape. No wonder then this has an impact on the discussion of nuclear war between the ruling countries in the world.

Will the world end when this nuclear war finally takes place? Then, what should we do when these terrible things happen?

  • Evacuate to the best and safest place

Learn from the many stories of wars that took place before, you must avoid some strategic places. Starting from the centers of power and politics, military bases, industrial facilities, and other crowds.

Better, you go to an area like the countryside which is not a strategic area in the conflict. Protect yourself as best you can.

But remember, before you make it to the location, also consider the method used. If possible, use a vehicle and ensure that your fuel supply is adequate. You also need to consider the path chosen to avoid traffic congestion.

  • Create a special room for self-protection

If you can’t go far or safe from attack, the best way is to take the best cover in the house. Create a special room for self-protection that has thick walls in the ground. This method is the most appropriate choice.

However, you must pay attention to the air circulation system in it, considering the air can also be contaminated with radiation. According to experts, the strongest impact of nuclear radiation is 48 hours after the explosion.

Certainly, a bunker cannot survive properly when a nuclear missile falls on it. But, that does not mean this way is not good to do as a form of self-protection.

  • Ensuring adequate water supply

When you have managed to get the safest place to survive, don’t forget to also ensure water supply. This is very important, because humans can only survive for three days without the slightest water.

If a nuclear missile explodes and causes a number of radiation impacts, it is very possible that the water in the surrounding environment is polluted. Therefore, the water supply obtained before the occurrence of nuclear war is the best way to meet the needs.

  • Ensuring food reserves to survive

Water reserves are fairly important, but food reserves also cannot be ignored. Packaged food and cans can also be the most appropriate choice. Moreover, if you can not leave the house.

Do not forget also about the backup power that can be extinguished at any time so you have to be smart in choosing food. Be aware, high protein foods, such as whole grains, nuts, and sugary drinks can save you from lack of energy.

  • The importance of communication tools

Communication is one of the important points as long as you shut yourself up and take cover during World War III or nuclear war. You certainly will not know whether an attack has stopped or what the impact of the attack is without communication. Therefore, communication tools are considered important.

However, choosing the right communication tool is certainly not easy. You need a radio that doesn’t need electricity or a radio that only uses batteries to be the best information finder. Although radio transmitters can be affected, this step still needs to be done.

  • Understand the basics of first aid

Understanding the basics of first aid or first aid, such as treating minor injuries, can certainly save your life. Try to look in the mirror of the Hiroshima case in 1945. Many victims suffer minor injuries leading to death only because the wound is not treated until it is finally infected. Do not forget to also equip supplies with various types of drugs.

  • Maintain cleanliness in order to remain hygienic

Never underestimate the importance of cleanliness. Not only having a direct impact, war involving nuclear also has an indirect impact, such as typhus and cholera. You must prepare several cleaning devices which include hand sanitizer and soap.

If a victim dies, the body must be buried using a special mark to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

Tips for preparing an economic crisis in the middle of war

The economic crisis proved not only to cause poverty in society, but also the problem of the welfare of human life. For example, such as interference with the organizational structure, war, and other types of violence. Conditions like this can get worse. In fact, not infrequently also cause trauma to the community.

The economic crisis will get worse if you do not prepare yourself to handle it. Therefore, you must understand the following trick to be better prepared to face the economic crisis in the midst of war.

  • Prepare the best financial condition possible

Having money in hand is the main key so you can do this first step. It doesn’t have to be cash, it can also be a passbook or withdrawal of funds from shares or credit cards. The most important thing is that this money will be used to build an emergency fund for the preparation of events that could trigger an economic crisis.

If deemed necessary, there’s no harm in looking for additional income in a variety of lawful ways, such as selling unused items. You can also sell expertise to get money from inside a home without capital even to get emergency funds faster.

Another point you need to remember in preparing finances is not negligent in paying things that have become obligations. There are times when in an unexpected crisis, we are dealing with arrears of various kinds of debt.

For this reason, you must devise special strategies to pay it off. Whether it’s a pay strategy of the smallest or the largest of the principal debt. At the very least, you need to have a good budgeting system to be able to prepare for the economic crisis well.

  • Prepare goods for the necessities of life

Life necessities that must be prepared and stored to face the economic crisis, for example natural goods and first aid goods. Goods from nature that must be stored, including water, food, and plants because these three play the biggest role in meeting the needs of human life. These items will certainly make you better prepared for food shortages as a result of the global economic crisis.

Meanwhile, storing first aid items can also help you and those closest to you when affected by this extraordinary event. It would be nice, you store some medical equipment that is needed, such as bandages and medicines in a special box. Don’t forget to ensure that these tools are sterile to prevent infection.

  • Preserving food for supplies

It is undeniable, the economic crisis will definitely have an impact on the price increase of everything that is sold in the market so that it makes the supply disrupted. Therefore, preserving some food ingredients, such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit must be done to face the economic crisis.

To preserve meat, you can give it salt or just dry it. Be aware, salt can kill microbes that have the potential to cause meat to rot. If you want to bloat meat, then you need to consider the type of wood that smells good. Because the scented wood can add flavor and preserve it.

Meanwhile, vegetables and fruit can also be preserved by being put into cans. For fruits with high acidity, it should be dipped in boiling water first before adding the cans. While vegetables and beans can be packaged in cans first, then put in a pot of boiling water.

  • Secure residence

Before securing a place to stay, it’s good to first determine how many people you will bring to live together. Adjust this to the type of residence you want to live in. Then, prepare a backup power supply to deal with any risk that could occur at any time.

In addition, you can also install hidden alarms and cameras to deal with the threat of criminals in your neighborhood. This method allows you to recognize anyone who comes into the area around the place of residence without feeling overtly watched. Preparing weapons and self-defense skills and making traps from certain tools is also needed to prevent criminal acts.

To avoid things that are not desirable, you can also make a secret residence. It’s best to choose a location around the house, then create a secret entrance that only you know. This makes it easy for you to access it without attracting the attention of people around.

  • Prepare the family physically and mentally

The first step that must be done to prepare your family is to make all parties understand the conditions that are happening. Because, without a clear understanding, they are certainly difficult to prepare for the next economic crisis.

Thus, you can check to what extent they are complete. Prepare a bag for each person that contains all the necessities of survival when the economic crisis really happened. If something is incomplete, such as the ability to cook to hold a weapon, then this is a good time to teach it.

Of course, as a family, you cannot work alone. Therefore, you need some help from other family members. If this is not possible, you can also take advantage of help from friends and people in the community. In this way, you can be sure that you will be more efficient and effective in dealing with economic crises and their possible impacts.

  • Anticipating a financial crisis

Anyone will not be able to prepare for the economic crisis well if they do not anticipate the financial crisis. The first step that must be taken is to understand the general condition of the capital market and its relation to the economic crisis.

There are many ways to measure capital market conditions. However, in broad outline, you can see from the trends of financial products traded on the capital market. Among others, such as long-term bonds and various commodities such as crude oil. Both of these can affect the increase in GDP or overall price of goods and lead to an economic crisis.

In each market evaluation conducted, you need to understand the relationship between inflation and existing economic growth. You need to prepare yourself, even when the economy is growing. Because, a growing economy could mean inflation. Now, inflation in large numbers, can result in an economic financial crisis whose impact is widespread in a country.

If you are able to do the above tips well, then certainly you can be better prepared to deal with anything related to the economic crisis. Hopefully this information can help us deal with economic crises that might occur due to the World War or nuclear war even better.


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