Tips for caring for curly hair

Curly hairs are usually dry, porous and frizzy hair . In addition, they tend to be quite voluminous and are undoubtedly more rebellious and difficult to control than straight hair. Furthermore, they are more sensitive to external aggressions.

For these reasons it is necessary to pay more attention to this type of hair, as pointed out by Víctor Latorre, Hair Colorist of Art Lab , in Madrid, who points out that what curls need is a lot of hydration since in this way we will prevent them from curling and we will help them to be closed and define them. “The essential thing in this type of manes is to wash them and condition them with products that help define the waves and, once the excess water has been dried with the towel, apply a curl-enhancing balm. This way we will get a curly mane with shape, hydrated and defined ”.

To achieve this hydration it is important to choose products that do not dry it and contain natural lipid elements that allow the hair to be protected with a thin film to preserve its shape. Also, it is preferable to use specific shampoos, conditioners and masks for curly hair.

Most frequent mistakes

The main mistake that is made when taking care of this type of hair is the abuse of the foam, “a product that defines very well but contains a lot of fixation and usually leaves the hair stiff,” says Latorre.

The expert indicates that frizzy hair is one of the main enemies of curls and warns that to achieve defined waves and that the hair is not frizzy, it is best to dry it with the diffuser . “When all the hair is dry we can spray styling water, if we like the curl to be harder,” adds Latorre. “However, if we prefer that it is not so caked, we simply let it dry naturally and ready. We also have another option, but a little more laborious: once completely dried with the diffuser, we choose random strands to define them with the curling iron ”, he concludes.


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