Tips and tricks to improve in Clash Royale quickly

If you like to be competitive in the video games that you like, you have probably seen all kinds of guides, watching videos of professionals and even seeing the best strategies online just to improve.

This is a good thing, the competitive aspect of a video game is healthy if you want to compete with respect and you can get a lot of fun out of it.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Quickly in Clash Royale

In fact, today, the competitive aspect of each video game has been put in high esteem, since with the appearance of the competitive scene of different video games at a professional level through Esports, many of the players are seen as athletes and professionals at different levels, often despite their age and lifestyle.

The reality is that we can see how competitiveness in a video game nurtures it, and many times, it differentiates it from many other titles. Given this, many video games have been developed with an absolute competitive aspect in mind, where the game as such is totally against other players in order to influence an ecosystem within the game.

This can be seen in different current video games, as with titles such as League of Leghends, Dota 2, Smite, Counter Strike, Hearthstone and many more. But, if one jumps out among all these titles, there is Clash Royale , a game developed by Supercell and made entirely for mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

Being a mobile game, the competitive aspect of Clash Royale is often overlooked, but it’s easy to end up falling in love with the game and looking to be the best among thousands of players. And, if you are looking to improve your game, your strategies or perhaps approach the game in a different way, you can follow what we are going to tell you next.


The key behind how you can play Clash Royale is in the cards, since the more cards you have, the more variety you have and the higher level you have, the better you can play. If you go up very fast from Arenas, you will realize that there are players with much higher cards than you have in terms of levels, and that can be a serious problem.

The idea is that you can take the game calmly, because if you want to be better, although strategy will play a key role in your performance; without the right cards you won’t be able to get anywhere. You should take your time, raising the cards that you think are necessary for your deck, which is also an extremely important part when it comes to playing.

The idea behind a deck (first instance or Arenas) is to be able to use a deck in which your highest level cards are and can have synergy. This is often easier said than done, as without the necessary knowledge, one can feel a bit lost amongst all the decks out there.

The key is to be able to know what the current meta is (best strategies and cards), and which decks can be played in that meta. You can take a little inspiration from what your opponents are doing, be creative, or look for websites like, where you can see a lot of information for a good deck assembly.

The strategy

Your strategy at the time of any game is divided into two parts: what are your conditions or cards for victory and what are the opponent’s. At all times you must be clear that you must prevent your opponent from winning and your power to take your victory conditions to the king’s tower.

To do this you have to take the first seconds of a game calmly, seeing what cards and what strategy is behind your opponent’s deck. Once you have figured this out, you must play the cards that counter your opponent, winning at the same time. It can be a bit difficult to keep all this information during a game but you can do it with practice.


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