TikTok gives parents more power over their children’s account

TikTok’s expansion of its Family Pairing feature gives parents more control over their children’s account. Parents now have a say in what their kids are looking for, their child’s account discoverability, and who can comment on their kids’ videos.

TikTok puts parents in control

TikTok introduced its Family Pairing tool in April 2020, which allows parents to adjust certain settings on their children’s TikTok account. Initially, this feature only allows parents to restrict certain content, disable direct messages, and control how long their child uses TikTok.

In a post on the TikTok Newsroom , the platform announced it is now expanding Family Pairing. TikTok notes that the expansion “will give parents greater supervision and families a more robust set of tools to create the right TikTok experience for them.”

Now, parents will have the ability to control their children’s searches on the app. Parents can determine if their child can search TikTok for sounds, users, hashtags and videos.

Parents can also set limits on who can comment on their children’s videos. TikTok gives parents three options to choose from: everyone on the app, just friends, or none.

Additionally, the new and improved Family Pairing tool gives parents the power to adjust their child’s discoverability on the app.

This means that parents can set their child’s account to private, which limits who can see their children’s videos. Alternatively, parents can also set their child’s account to public, allowing anyone to search and view their child’s content.

The latest addition to TikTok’s Family Pairing tool has to do with the visibility of liked videos. According to TikTok, “this control allows families to decide if others can see the list of videos your kids have liked.”

TikTok already has a couple of child safety measures on the app. Not only users under the age of 16 cannot send direct messages, but any user under the age of 13 must use a view-only version of TikTok. That said, the platform hopes the new Family Pairing tool will “strike a balance between safety and autonomy for teenagers.”

Keep your child safe on TikTok

TikTok has been criticized for posing a threat to national security and still faces a potential ban in the United States. As of now, the state of the app is currently suspended in limbo.

Whatever happens to TikTok, it’s important that parents understand exactly how the app works. A better understanding of the app can help parents determine what steps they can take to protect their children on TikTok.



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