This Is The Wrong Perspective If Rich & A Lot Of Money

Having more money means being happier? Society is surrounded by a number of myths about money and wealth today. This myth is circulating even in various countries. The myth of money that develops can actually lead to something negative, such as wasting time, even worse, namely destroying someone’s life.

Quoted from Money Talk News, this perspective is not necessarily 100 percent correct and sometimes just becomes a myth around financial matters:

A lot of money, live happily

Look at the lives of Anna Nicole Smith, John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis Presley. Does wealth make them happy?

Happiness comes from how we value ourselves. And self-respect is something that cannot be sold. Instead of obsessing over money, think again about what really makes us happy. Furthermore, make enough money through these activities.

Having more money is a waste of your life on this planet. This is the first money myth.

Big income, no debt

What distinguishes people with an income of Rp. 500 million per year and debt of Rp. 900 million, from those with a salary of Rp. 4.5 billion a year and in debt of Rp. 9 billion?

The answer is none. Unless they have money for a reserve fund. Debt often increases as income increases. What keeps you out of debt is not high income or wealth. The only way is not to borrow money.

Billionaires have always lived in luxury

The results of The Millionaire Next Door’s research reveal that the average rich person in America drives an ordinary car, lives in a house that has been occupied for decades and avoids brand-name clothing.

Then who bought branded clothes all this time? Probably those who never get rich using tomorrow’s financial freedom for the pleasures of the present.

A lot of money, less worry

Money is not the end of anxiety. He will continue to cause various worries to lose money. Those who don’t have much money for food or shelter have more to worry about.

However, when you already have enough money according to your needs, the excess will only increase worry, not eliminate it.

Money is great, love comes

For some women who are not too attracted to money, they are generally more interested in ambition and intellectuality, especially when combined with humor.

Everyone is attracted to those who have confidence and can laugh at themselves. Like peacocks, rich people easily attract attention. Do you want to spend your life with someone who is superficial and insecure only interested in your money?

Can have fun if you have more money

It cannot be denied that money can color the elements of a happy day. However, if you need more money to have fun, you will end up feeling bored. Even if you become a billionaire, you will still feel bored.


As you go further, the main purpose of money is to make life so predictable. Money allows you to control the environment by preparing for the things you don’t want.

While some of these myths are true, there is not enough money to keep things under control. You could have died of a heart attack while reading this article.

Make it easy to meet interesting people

Stacy Johnson, author of Money Talk News, says, “If I wanted to optimize my chances of finding interesting people, I wouldn’t go to the nearest country club.”

Stacy often admits that he meets rich people who are very arrogant, narrow-minded, full of pretense, and judgmental. However, their behavior was not because of their wealth. This behavior arises because they never overcome difficulties. The way a person deals with adversity often attracts people. Not how much money you have.

Can Buy friends

This myth is not only wrong but also contrary to the real function of money. Stacy claims to have many super rich friends and from her observations, money can only attract friends to hang out and not real friends.

Many rich people do not believe in that kind of money motivation. Not infrequently the real friends of the richest and most famous are those who have known them before being rich or famous.

Those are at least some of the perspectives and myths of money that have developed to this day. What is your opinion?


by Abdullah Sam
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