This is the reason why it is hard for you to work!

Finding a job is not easy. Many people have spent years looking for work, but have not yet found the job they want.

So that not a few scholars are getting frustrated because they don’t find their dream job.

Work is a necessity for everyone, with a large number of jobs does not guarantee that it will make it easy for people to find work.

Even higher education cannot guarantee you of getting your dream job.

Therefore, you must know the things that allow you not to be accepted in a dream job.

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Because everyone needs work, by working you can support yourself and your family. In the following we will review the reasons why it is difficult for you to work.

Often Doesn’t Match Salary

Many people are confused when asked about salary, and many applicants find it difficult to get a job because of this.

Try to remember back when you were interviewed, maybe you targeted a salary that was too big or too small. So that they reject you to be part of the company employees.

Sometimes, when you target a nominal that is not too big. The company will think that you cannot value your work and your own abilities.

And sometimes, when you target a salary that is too large, the company will consider the salary requested is not worth the ability they have.

So, make sure to do research on the salary of the company first and adjust it to the abilities you have.

Research can be done by asking employees of the company. So, you don’t fail again at this stage.

Talking Too Efficient During the Interview

The factor that affects someone having difficulty working is too economical to talk during the interview. Indeed giving short, concise and clear answers is a very good thing in an interview.

But being too economical is not good. Short and compact is different from economical speech.

Those of you who are asked a question by the interviewer should give answers in the form of reasons, not just answer yes or no.

They will not be attracted to people who are not very good at communicating. Because usually, companies need work partners who are able to communicate well.

Nor are people too verbose when answering questions. Because usually people who are wordy are not able to provide comprehensive answers to each interviewer’s question.

Job Applicable Does Not Fit Ability

What is not uncommon when someone applies for a job is applying for a field that does not match their abilities.

This usually happens to those who are frustrated looking for work everywhere but are not accepted.

Applying in a field that is not suitable for your ability is tantamount to giving yourself up to not be accepted by the company.

For example, the company is in need of a web designer, while your major is religious. So obviously, they will not accept you, even the company’s HRD will not look at your CV any further.

That is one of the reasons why it is difficult for you to work. It’s best if, for example, the field you want doesn’t open the application, just wait for them to open the application.

Don’t be desperate and waste energy applying for jobs that are not your expertise.

Too Negative in Cyberspace

Don’t think the company hiring employees doesn’t pay attention to your habits on social media. They will do your social media check during the selection stage.

One of the things they pay attention to is not only what you present on your CV or at an interview, but also your habits on social media.

This is the easiest way for companies to assess a person’s personality. Maybe this is what makes it difficult for you to work. Because you are too negative in cyberspace or social media.

Companies will not look at people who like to share hoax news, or like to provoke uproar on social media.

Especially those who like to confide in and vilify others so that it makes others lose. So, if that’s the case, it’s clear they will cross your name on the list of prospective company employees.

Not paying attention to what you say and how to dress during an interview

The reasons why it is difficult for you to find work include the way you dress and what you say during the interview.

The interview stage is indeed a very important stage in job acceptance. So, everything must be considered at this stage, including speech and dress.

The person interviewing you will pay close attention to every detail of what you present. In fact, they’ll know what your personality is from the way you speak and choose your words.

All you have to do to get the most out of this is practice and practice.

Also pay attention to the answers you give the interviewer. Be sure to provide short but clear answers.

You don’t want to answer long-winded questions but not the questions the interviewer is asking.

Also, make sure to wear and present a polite and neat costume at the interview. Do not let those of you who are indifferent to dress everyday, also displayed during the interview. Then it is certain that you will not be ogled by HRD.

Not Honest When Writing CV

One of the reasons why it is difficult to work is not being honest when writing a CV. This is a fatal mistake that will make it difficult to find work.

CVs must be written based on facts, not because your company only wants to see your company making up the contents of your CV. For example, you are not very good at using Ms. Word, but in your CV you write very proficiently Ms. Word.

As a result, later when the interview stage and the interviewer ask and ask for practice, you cannot do it. Of course you can get a blacklist from the company.

So, make sure to write your CV as is. So, when asked to prove the expertise you wrote, you can show it to the maximum.

Even though for example your abilities are not very much, as long as you are good at one thing it is already a plus point for the company. So, make sure to honestly write a CV if you want to get a job right away.

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Not good CV

CV or curriculum vitae in which there is brief information about yourself. All the information you have must be summarized in the CV, and in job selection is the main thing that HRD should pay attention to.

If you make a CV at random, and the results are not good, of course it will not be noticed by the HRD. So make sure to write a good CV. You must know how to write a good CV.

CVs should be written briefly, concisely and clearly. Don’t make the format excessive or too casual. Too many colors are also not recommended when making a CV, unless you are applying for a graphic design department that demands a good design.

The CV should also include any experiences you have had related to the job position being applied for.

Don’t write too many unnecessary things in your CV, make sure to make your CV in one sheet format only. Provided that it includes what you need to show your prospective employer.

Nervous during an interview

The interview stage is the most important stage when looking for a job. There, the company will directly assess your performance. So, you have to really prepare so that your day’s assessment can be maximized.

Many job seekers, especially fresh graduates, fail in the interview stage because they show an overly nervous attitude.

It is true that nervousness is not wrong, but if you are too nervous to be blank and you cannot answer the question, of course it will be very fatal.

Indeed, many interviewers show a serious face, but you must be able to bring the atmosphere and not be afraid of the interviewer. Try to relax as if you were talking to your friends, but be careful about your attitude.

Nervousness during the interview can be lost and you can answer the interviewer’s questions that have been prepared carefully. Thus, the interview process can run smoothly and smoothly.

Not Seeking Company Information for Interview

The fatal mistake that job seekers make is not looking for company information when they start the job interview stage.

This is said to be fatal because the company itself wants the candidates that the company really needs, not those who want to try it.

When the CV is interesting and you are called for a job interview, be sure to prepare everything, especially company information. You have to really know the ins and outs of the company.

Do not be asked by HRD “What do you know about our company?”. If you cannot answer it is considered very fatal.

If you don’t know any company information, then you will definitely not pass the interview stage. And you are forced to go home with more regret.

Therefore, so that you look more prepared when answering questions, make sure to prepare all forms of information until it’s done.

Preparing everything carefully before the interview, will make you more confident. Certainly the company will consider accepting you in their company.

Not Enough Networking / Information

If you want to get a job at a dream company, never be careless about seeking information.

Because the more often you search for information about the company, the more information you will get so that the opportunity to get a job will be even higher.

Information about job vacancies is usually provided on the company website. So, you should subscribe to email so that you can continue to get this information from the company you desire.

Also, be sure to have the employee acquaintances from within the office at your disposal. Because if you have someone from within the office, you will easily get information on employee recruitment with all the criteria needed by the office.

You can make preparations to meet the criteria of the company.


That is the reason why it is difficult for you to find work that we can share with you. Please look again at the mistakes you have made when applying.

So you can fix it and get your dream job right away. Hopefully the articles we shared were useful and you can immediately work in the place you want.


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