This is how Vulkan will improve the graphics of mobile games

Vulkan is the new 3D graphics API that will come by default in Android N , although some manufacturers, such as South Korean Samsung, are already beginning to include it in the software of some of their terminals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7. With Vulkan, the aim is to take the graphics of mobile games to another level , and although it is a still very recent API that is beginning to be experimented with, the improvements are already evident, as you will see in the video that we will leave you later.

Vulkan wants to be the replacement for the now legendary OpenGL ES that has been with our phones for years , and it will also be integrated into other systems such as Windows, so everything will be easier for developers when programming their games for different systems.

Welcome to the Vulkan era

At the recently completed E3 2016, Samsung wanted to show us in a Samsung Galaxy S7 the progress that goes from OpneGL ES to Vulkan . To do this, they tested three games: Need For Speed, although we had already seen this a few weeks ago in another video , HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales, and Vainglory.

And although in the first the differences are not so notable, since they do not go much beyond improvements in effects and anti-aliasing , in the other two there are great differences in terms of effects, level of detail, moving objects and even framerate .

Ultimately, the general quality of games with Vulkan is far superior to OpenGL –in fact, in the first instance it was presented as “the next-generation OpenGL initiative” -, which translates into a much richer experience when it comes to playing . As claimed by its creators, Khronos Group, this API has a lot of potential.

In a way, it is similar to Microsoft’s DirectX12 on PC, as it is able to take advantage of CPUs with many cores, with the difference that Vulkan is cross-platform , as we said, and in addition to Android, it is compatible with Windows and Linux. Khronos has also said that they have been able to port Steam games successfully, so their performance is undeniable.


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