13 things you wanted to know about women’s breasts

We talk about breasts all the time, but we are usually talking about the non-sexy aspects of breasts – cancer and breastfeeding, for example.

However, they can also be an inexhaustible source of pleasure for women, as it is considered an erogenous zone.

There are several things that men can do with their breasts during sex to make the experience even better.

To help couples, today I brought you some easy tips that can be used at the time. See now everything you need to know about women’s breasts!

  • t is not always remembered;
  • Differentiated pleasure;
  • Everything you need to know about women’s breasts;
  • Play and be happy.

It is not always remembered

Unfortunately, there is no intensive course on how to touch women’s breasts to make them feel pleasure.

This means that men can often forget about that part of the body and go straight to the sexual organs.

But purposeful and skillful play on the breasts helps to improve sex and helps transform sexual intercourse as a full-body experience that can add an exciting variety to your routine.

Differentiated pleasure

While breasts can involve a little more work, they also give women the opportunity to experience all kinds of pleasure – and possibly even a different type of orgasm.

As long as the partner knows what she likes, the couple can enjoy all kinds of erotic fun just by touching above the waist.

Everything you need to know about women’s breasts

1. Know the anatomy

First, you need to understand the anatomy of women’s breasts.

What we consider the nipple is actually composed of three parts: the areola (the entire dark or pink area), the groove (the small division between the areola and the nipple) and the nipple (the raised part where the milk comes out when the breastfeeding woman).

As for the breast, it is a mixture of adipose tissue, lymph nodes and a lot of nerves. Where the breast attaches to the trunk is called the “root”.

Curiosity: all breasts, regardless of size, have the same number of nerve endings.

This means that small breasts are more sensitive and large breasts can usually handle more intense stimuli.

Naturally, the person being touched has the final say on the type of touch they want.

2. Not everyone likes

It is always best to ask before playing. Some love it, others hate it.

In any case, it is always best to ask and be careful not to make mistakes or hurt anyone.

Let your partner show you how she likes to be touched and how she feels pleasure.

3. Sensitivity

Sensitivity varies dramatically from person to person.

For some, a squeeze is never enough, for others, just blowing on a nipple will cause sensory overload.

A good way to check in is to start off by teasing: kissing or licking the nipple gently before moving away.

If the woman makes a clear noise, the man will have necessary information. If not, better ask questions like, “Did you like this?” Or “Do you want more?”

4. Always start smooth

In order to know the woman’s sensitivity levels, it is good for the man to start slowly and gently.

Caressing clothes, touching the chest with the palm of the hand and giving soft kisses on the collarbone and the breast area are good ways to start.

Slowly, he should move towards the nipple and assess the partner’s arousal

5. Think of the clitoris

Often (though not always) the way a woman likes to have her clitoris stimulated is similar to the way she likes to have her nipples touched.

If someone has a super sensitive clitoris that doesn’t like direct contact, the man should try a gentle touch around the areola.

On the other hand, if the woman likes to have the clitoris directly nibbling and sucking, the affection on the breasts can be a little more intense.

Always ask before using your teeth

The nipple bite on women’s breasts should start off extremely smooth. To get an idea of ​​what the woman likes, the partner can ask her to help him find out. He can say he will bite gently and then increase the pressure. Then you can ask her to tell you when to reach the limit. This can give the couple an idea of ​​what is good and what is too much and caresses will be easier in the future.

7. Don’t be centered on a single breast

 This will allow the caresses in the first to be restarted and the breasts are more attuned to a range of sensations.

8. Mouth and movements

The man may try to try to use a free hand to imitate the movements that the mouth is doing, using the lips on one nipple and the hand on the other.

Nipple orgasms are possible

Yes, some people manage to have  orgasm  with nipple stimulation.

To achieve this feat, the general rule is the same for most other orgasms: variety and consistency.

The ideal is to try a lot of different things until you reach something that the woman really likes.

Then, continue doing this at a consistent and constant pace.

10. The cycle can affect

The sensitivity of women’s breasts changes throughout the month. There are likely to be certain points in the woman’s cycle where she is much more sensitive than normal.

There may even be times when she will be too sensitive for any kind of breast play.

Women’s breasts also change a lot after she has given birth and while she is breastfeeding.

She may not want any contact with them for a while, or she may need the man to be kinder than normal.

11. No horn, please

Please don’t treat your breasts like a car horn. 

In general, breast tenderness comes from the skin, not the fat from the breast itself.

So squeezing and kneading doesn’t feel as good as caressing and kissing.

These movements also neglect the nipple, which is the most sensitive part of the breast.

12. Taking it from behind

When the man takes the women’s breasts from behind, he can explore the other parts of his partner’s body on the way up – or down – to the breasts.

He will also be able to massage them more easily than if he were facing her.

And when a woman’s breasts are stroked, the brain releases oxytocin – a chemical that makes you feel good. To make things hotter, the couple can try this in front of a mirror.

13. Keep stroking the surface

Remember, the breasts are connected to the rest of the body.

The breasts are full of delicious nerve endings and most of the pleasurable sensation comes from the surface of the breasts.

So, it’s free to lick, pinch, stroke.

But keep the breast where it is and keep your mouth and hands focused on the surface, don’t knead out of control.

Play and be happy

These tips on women’s breasts can help many couples during sex.

If you’re a woman and you’re not sure what you like, this is the best time to try it out.

Maybe you like a little pressure, or maybe your body responds better to the lightest touch. Whatever the case, you and your partner can learn together.

You will have fun with each new lesson and sex will become a lot more fun.

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