Things You Must Know About Speech And Language

Speech and Language disorder has become the strong debate. It is necessity for learner and teachers that they must have clear understanding about these two terms. We will explain these two terms in more reasonable way

  • “A language is a system of signs for encoding and decoding information”
  •  we can say that language is a system of symbols designed for the purpose of communication

The langue word has been taken from Latin word “lingua”, which means ‘tongue’.

We define language as an abstract system of symbols and meanings. This system includes the rules (grammar) that relate symbols and meanings so that we can communicate with each other. The only term in that definition that might give you some trouble is ‘symbol’, but that’s easy. A symbol is anything that stands for anything else. The dinner bell is a symbol of the food that is available. A co-worker’s scowl is a symbol of his or her displeasure. The wink of a friend may symbolize a joke or agreement. Symbols appear constantly in our everyday life.

Performance is simply an account of what we actually do or say. If we asked you your name, you would respond with some kind of verbal output called speech, or you would respond with a gesture from (American Sign Language). Competence is a bit trickier. It refers to the ability we each seem to have to generate and interpret sentences according to rules. To illustrate: not proper that Words nonsense are the order in appear do. In other “words that do not appear in the proper order are nonsense!’

You know what correct order in English is and what is not.

This can be further illustrated in another way. One youngster, aged three, hid from her father behind some curtains in the family’s living room. She said to her father, ‘Daddy, I’m behind the thor’.  Her father replied, ‘Yes, I see you, you’re behind the thor’, mimicking her mispronunciation exactly’. She replied, ‘No! The Thor!’ For her, ‘Thor’ when she pronounced it meant ‘door’, but not when she heard it. We can see child’s speech performance has not yet reached her linguistic competence because she is unable to use linguistics competence properly. This also nicely illustrates the difference between speech and language.

Difference Between Language And Speech Disorder

Language is known as  socially cultural shared values that include the following:

  • What words mean (e.g., ‘moon’ can refer to a light and beauty object in the night sky or a simile)
  • How to make new words (e.g., love, lovely, adore}
  • How to put words together (e.g., ‘Ali walked to the new store’ rather than ‘Ali walk store new’)
  • What word combinations are best in what situations (‘Would you give me my book?’ could quickly change to ‘give me my book right now. if the first request did not produce results)

Speech, on the other hand, is the verbal means of communicating. Speech can be described as


How speech sounds are made (e.g., children must learn how to produce the “p” sound in order to say ‘pencil’ instead of ‘wencil’).


Use of the vocal folds and breathing to produce sound (e.g., the voice can be abused from overuse or misuse and can lead to hoarseness or loss of voice).


The rhythm and tempo of speech can affect fluency.

When a person has difficulty to understand others or enabling to consider sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings, and even tone then he or she has a language disorder.


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