Things you don’t already know about business management

One of the most common dilemmas within a sales process is to answer the question how can we make our service really different and help salespeople achieve more expressive results?

Although the answers are not that simple, not only because each process, market, management profile, commercial maturity is different, but because each day the client has also become a more demanding and complex subject to understand.

However, it is possible to notice that some points still make all the difference in the performance of a sales team. There are also a few small hands that, when adjusted on a daily basis, can generate more positive results

Think of the sale, but also the delivery

Sales team has the great fetish that is just hitting your goals and closing more sales at all costs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make bolder closings , but one of the most important issues is to deliver what you have sold.

In reality, the quality of a sale lies in precisely having the greatest consistency between what you promised during the negotiation and the result of customer satisfaction at the end of the sale.

I remember an episode when I worked on the creative part of an agency, in which, in an eagerness to hook up a big project from a well-known telecommunications company, the commercial sector ended up offering more than our team could deliver and then we had to race against the time to deliver what the salespeople promised the customer.

Obviously, due to limitations in personnel and structure, we had to contact the end customer many times to prolong deadlines and generated wear and tear in the commercial relationship and in the trust and credibility of the sellers.

This situation only happened because there was no direct link between the two sectors. To mitigate this, it is necessary to have a client manager where everyone can have access to data and information on how the deal is with the client.

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Take care of your customers’ registration

Now, the big question I ask you is: How is your customer registration? Although, it seems like a chat that does not make sense, to manage negotiations with the optimized time and without losing steps of a sales funnel, it is necessary to take care, engage and update the records of your won customers and also those interested future.

It is no longer possible to serve customers without knowing their history , which is the way they like to be served, without carrying out the entire pre-sales, sales and post-sales process. Everything needs to be well aligned within a common place.

Those who do not care about the organization of their data tend not only to fall behind new ways of selling with quality and results , but also run the risk of losing timing, generating dissatisfaction and not knowing how to improve their process as a whole.

Make sure to register and manage your customers’ data. This is your greatest treasure, do not underestimate their information and do not treat it as if it were not important.

Think about the record of interactions with each customer

In addition to learning how to record, imagine just having a large amount of data that delivers behaviors, trends, reports and a more accurate and holistic reading of business management?

You have to learn to deal professionally with the record of interactions of each consumer to learn how to spend the resource and the ideal effort to close more deals.

You can’t sell in the dark anymore. You need to know exactly each step of your consumer to reach him more completely. Their service depends not only on the talent of their salespeople, but on the tools that help them to have a macro view of the business.

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