Which thermometer best measures your child’s temperature?

When fever appears in children, the most immediate reaction is to know what temperature it is to take measurements. However, one of the most common conversations between parents is to determine which thermometer is the most suitable and where to place it for the child.

According to Julio Maset , a doctor at Cinfa , the crystal and mercury ones “must be totally ruled out.” It ensures that they can be dangerous because children at early ages are very restless and a sudden movement can cause them to break, creating a risk of injury to the child. “Also, sometimes it is difficult to determine the exact temperature that marks because it depends a lot on the position in which you look at it, since it will seem that it measures more or less hairlines. Still, he clarifies, you shouldn’t be obsessed with the exact temperature and you should not act until it exceeds 38 degrees.because we must not forget that the rise in temperature in the body is a defense mechanism to end germs. ” He adds that in almost all hospitals, glass thermometers have already been removed and digital ones have been replaced due to their greater precision.

Therefore, it is inclined to use a digital thermometer that must be CE marked to be reliable. “Its reading is very accurate, it is easy to see, and it also beeps when the measurement has finished.”

Regarding whether it should be placed in the mouth, armpit or rectum, this expert considers that the mouth is very reliable, but precautions should always be taken, for example, that the child does not just drink a cold or very hot liquid, which You can modify the thermometer temperature. It also has the disadvantage that greater attention must be paid to its correct sanitation after each use.

The armpit is not recommended for children under three months , but if you choose it, it is advisable to remove the shirt from the baby and adjust the thermometer well to the skin by pressing a little. ” Rectal measurement is ideal , but it is an option that parents often don’t like because they dislike the idea and think they are going to harm their baby. In the case of the rectal option, a glass device should never be used either ”.

One of the best alternatives for this doctor is the thermometer that measures the temperature through the ear, but recognizes that it has a higher cost.

In any case, he points out that one should not obsess and that, in addition to fever, what one must do is observe whether the child is breathing well, is properly hydrated, and avoid clotting him or leaving him naked


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