Then you breathe new life into the passion

Live your own life

To maintain passion and excitement in a relationship, it is important not to live too close to each other all the time. Couples who do everything together to avoid jealousy, for example, often get tired of each other. So go out and meet your friends or take part in some leisure activity on your own. Or decide evenings when you have no obligations to each other and should not decide who buys, cooks, etc. An evening that is entirely your own.

Take advantage of the small difference

Remember the small difference between men and women – practical jogging clothes do not exactly emphasize gender. It’s called unisex – but the sexy is lost in the gray-melange tracksuit with knees in. Be feminine in everyday life – a little makeup, a piece of jewelery, a well-fitting bra, a seductive scent …

If you are a man, you can emphasize your masculinity by, for example, wearing well-fitting clothes, using masculine aftershave and by being a little gallant and giving her small compliments and gifts – but never like a new mop or a nice apron!

Plan the passion

Set aside time and preferably finances to be together. In a stressful life, the spirit does not just fall on – if you want passion, planning is required. Try to go out together at least once a month. Many couples, for example, find great pleasure in taking turns planning the monthly event.

But do not let it become a must – maybe you like it best with someone who plans? Also try to introduce an evening without TV. Or buy a delicious massage oil and massage each other once a week. Maybe the massage leads to more intimate closeness but it should also be okay to just relax and enjoy each other’s closeness – passion and sex are not the same thing …

Love yourself

Enjoy yourself and your body. And show your girlfriend that you do it. No one is perfect but do not neglect self-respect, cleanliness and ordinary body care. If you do not “turn on” yourself, your girlfriend probably will not either. Therefore, do something to look and be in a way that you like. And even if it is positive if you relax in each other’s company, it is important to keep a certain distance in the intimate spheres. Poking your nose or haggling does not directly lay the foundation for passionate lusts.

Pay attention and show your love

Focus on your loved one’s best qualities and express your love and devotion in a non-committal way without expecting anything in return. The three small words do not give unlimited access to the other’s body. Think about how you can show your sweetheart attention. Men, for example, like to be praised. And women appreciate men who can listen.

Grasp your emotions

If you seriously want to breathe life into your passion, you must first and foremost be open – both to yourself and to others, not least your girlfriend. If you find it difficult to give in and cultivate your passion, it is basically due to an unconscious fear of becoming vulnerable and thus being able to be let down. You can deal with that anxiety in two ways.

You can go back to your childhood and look at your parents with adult eyes. You must dare to judge objectively. If you have experienced that they have let you down, admit it instead of apologizing to them and denying your negative feelings.

At the same time, you can also practice being open – simply by being so. Talk about your feelings – and practice listening to others, both your sweetheart and your children.

Stop yourself when you deny their feelings with statements such as “it’s not that dangerous either”, or “of course, but keep in mind that above the clouds the sky is always blue”. If it is difficult to get started, a self-help group or conversation with a psychologist can promote the process.

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