Great Essay About The Voice of The People Is The Voice of God

Today I would like to discuss about great proverb the voice of the people is the voice of God.The modern age is an age of democracy or the government of the people by the people and for the people. Hitherto people have allowed themselves to be governed either by physical force or by tacit consent; but now there is an awakening of the mass. The representative system through which democracy is worked is often defective and abuses its power.So the people now want to manage really their own business. They want to substitute active participation for indolent acquiescence in the government of the country.

They want to make their power felt and to declare that they are the real masters of a country.This claim or power is expressed in the form of public opinion which takes the form of franchise or vole and has become a tremendous force in modern times. It is expressed through the press, the platform, through educational institutions and political parties.

Make Your The Voice of The People Is The Voice of God A Reality

But though public opinion or the voice of the people has become powerful now a days, yet it is far from realising the Roman ideal expressed in the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Now a days in the name of public opinion all sorts of tyranny, oppression and wrong are practised. This is why the ideal of democracy is so charming and the fact is so deplorable. The people are now too ignorant, too indolent, too much wanting in sobriety to think and express themselves rightly.

Democracy is essentially a challenge to the individual and it is only when individuals really become serious, sober intelligent and active, that public opinion will be worth its name.

It is the sober and enlightened public opinion based on reason and aiming at the welfare of the community as a whole that is the voice of God. The confused babel of tongues, filled with passion, hatred, envy and self-interest which now goes by the name of public opinion in the voice of devil.Democracy will be a real thing when public opinion becomes the voice of God.

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