The strongest hero in Total War: Three Kingdoms

In this guide to Total War: Three Kingdoms, we’ll share our custom battle test results with you. We decided to check which hero is the best in one-on-one fights (duels). We will also tell you which heroes are the strongest in their class.

All battles were conducted without any detachments, one on one, through the “Duel” button and up to two victories. In almost all cases, the battles ended “dry”, but if the forces between the opponents were relatively equal, then, just in case, as many battles were fought as was necessary to break two victories.

The strongest guard in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Note . This class was conceived by the developers as heroes capable of holding the defense for a long time.

There are a total of 8 guards in the game, so they were split into four pairs, the winners of which met in the semifinals. And this is what happened (the winners are in bold):

  • Sun Jian– Xu Huang;
  • Taishi Tsy – Han Sui;
  • Huang Zhong – Zhang Liao;
  • Zhao Yun– Yue Jin.

The semi-finals were as follows:

  • Sun Jian– Han Sui;
  • Zhang Liao – Zhao Yun.

And in the final, Zhao Yun won , who became the most powerful guard.

Strongest Great Warrior (Champion) in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Note . This class was conceived by the developers as heroes capable of destroying any other commander.

There are only 6 champions in the game, so they were paired (winners are in bold):

  • Guan Yu – Dian Wei;
  • Xu Chu– Xiahou Dun;
  • Zhang Yan – Zheng Jiang.

Since it would not have been possible to make two semifinals with the participation of 3 fighters, we decided to cross each winner among ourselves:

  • Dian Wei – Xu Chu;
  • Xu Chu– Zheng Jiang;
  • Zheng Jiang – Dian Wei.

In the end, Xu Chu is the strongest champion in the game . At the same time, Dian Wei was stronger than Zheng Jiang, so he took the second place.

The strongest commander in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Note . This class was conceived by the developers as heroes able to impose positive effects on allied units.

There are only 7 commanders in the game. One had to be automatically transferred to the semifinals, and six others competed for 3 tickets (the winners are marked in bold):

  • Liu Bei– Liu Biao;
  • Liu Zhang – Sun Quan;
  • Cao Cao – Yuan Shao;
  • Yuan Shu.

In the semi-finals, the following results were obtained:

  • Liu Bei– Sun Quan;
  • Yuan Shao– Yuan Shu.

The final was won by Liu Bei , who is the best commander in the game.

The strongest fighter (vanguard) in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Note . This class was conceived by the developers as heroes capable of withstanding many enemy units (ordinary soldiers).

There are a total of 10 fearless fighters in the game, however two of them are blocked by default. It’s about Lü Bu and Dong Zhuo. They did not participate in the full testing.

So, it turned out exactly 4 quarterfinals:

  • Gan Ning – Gongsun Zan;
  • Ma Teng– Ma Chao;
  • Sun Ren– Sun Tse;
  • Xiahou Yuan– Zhang Fei.

The semi-finals agreed:

  • Gongsun Zan– Ma Teng;
  • Songb Ren – Xiahou Yuan.

In the confrontation between the two winners of the semifinals, Gongsun Zan was stronger . Dong Zhuo does not pretend to be a great duelist, so after unlocking Lü Bu, we decided to compare only him with Gongsun. Gongsun Zan was still stronger, so he could be recognized as the best fighter in the game.

Who is the best of the best in Total War: Three Kingdoms?

Thus, we have formed a four of winners. For quite understandable reasons, we did not test strategists. Thus, in order to find the best hero in the game, all four commanders who won in their category had to bump their heads.

As a result, Xu Chu won the final victory , which was expected, since he is a great warrior (champion). It was this class that the developers presented as the best in duels with other heroes. As you can see, we were not deceived. Moreover, Dian Wei, who lost to Xu Chu in the Grand Warrior class tournament final, was also stronger than the three other category winners. Commander Liu Biao took the last place, but vanguard Gongsun Zan lost to his other rival, guard Zhao Yun.

How to get someone else’s hero into your ranks

There are a lot of heroes in Total War: Three Kingdoms, so it’s no surprise that your opponent’s army can include the character you want. Fortunately, you can lure him over to your side. There are several ways to do this, from diplomacy to winning a battle. Most of the time, you will have to do it by trial and error, but this does not mean that you need to do it blindly. Below are some helpful tips for acquiring new heroes.

Victory in battle

The most obvious method of putting a certain character under your banner is to win on the battlefield. There is no 100% guarantee that victory will make this hero loyal to you, but the chances of success can be increased if you equip certain items or learn the necessary skills. After the battle with this character is completed, you will see a window with the captured hero. Here you can choose one of three actions – hire, release or execute.

Change the thinking and political vision of the hero

The secret network in the Three Kingdoms allows you to recruit spies and send them to the ranks of the enemy faction, where they will occupy certain positions. If the recruitment is successful, then you will gain access to various actions within the faction, allowing you to manipulate it. The set of these actions depends on how long the spy has been undercover. Agree, the method is not so obvious.

If you want to get Xiahou Dun working for Cao Cao , then order your spy to discredit him. Allies will be suspicious of Xiahou, which will cause his happiness to drop significantly. There is a chance that he can even go over to your side. However, remember that the longer the spy is in the ranks of the enemy faction, the higher the likelihood that he will “love” it and decide to leave you.

Absorbing his faction

There is a diplomatic way to resolve the issue. By getting the opportunity to create a confederation and proclaiming it, you get not only lands, but also all the characters of the faction.


In ancient China, political marriage was a common way of forging alliances, and the Three Kingdoms use this step. This is not only an easy way to improve relations with the opposing faction, but also an excellent method of recruiting the desired hero into your ranks.


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