The Role of Social Values, Norms and Codes in Society

The Role of Values ​​and Norms

Norms and values ​​in society play a very important role in providing stability in life. Try to imagine if an area does not have prevailing social values ​​and norms, surely the area will experience chaos and the pattern of life will experience irregularities.

For example, in Papua, where the area has not been able to institutionalize a norm, as a result the people there do not know how to dress modestly in public, how to tie a sacred marriage rope according to religion, and how to socialize peacefully.

The role of values ​​and norms in general is to regulate the pattern of people’s lives so that the behavior patterns shown are balanced, do not harm, and do not cause injustice. In today’s modern society the role of values ​​and norms is really needed

This is used so that modern society does not act at will. In more detail the roles of values ​​and norms in society are:

  1. As a Direction (Orientation) Attitude and Action

Social values ​​and norms serve as directions in attitude and action. This means that the values ​​and norms have been attached to individuals or society as a guide for behavior that is believed to be true.

For example, as a RT head, Pak Zuniar upholds the value of honesty. Every action and speech reflects honesty. A saatia know that one of her co-workers embezzled government funds for its own sake, without a doubt  – doubt he admonished him and asked not to repeat it. From this, it can be seen that the values ​​and norms are a guide to someone’s attitude and actions.

The value of honesty that is held by Pak Zuniar limits him to behave and behave the same as his fellow workers even though it is profitable. Pak Zuniar’s attitudes and actions can then be emulated by other members of the community in various aspects of life.

Thus, community members will behave as desired by the system of values ​​and norms.

  1. As a system regulator in society

Every society must have a system in its life to meet basic needs. This system is made to make it easier for the community so that their daily needs can be met normally. Because the system is a structured and systematic series of behaviors, an order of values ​​and norms is formed.

This is done so that the community continues to run on the agreed system, so that a balance of life in the community is created.

  1. As a driver of human attitudes and actions

Social values ​​and norms can also function as a motivator for a person to behave in accordance with values. In addition, it is also able to guide people to be kind. This is because good social values ​​give rise to hope in a person.

For example, Mr. Yovan is a successful craftsman. In the past he was just an ordinary craftsman. Because of his determination and hard work and an unyielding spirit, he was able to become a successful craftsman. The success of the effort to encourage fellow  – his co-workers did the same thing.

Holding values  – values and norms of the same in the hope of achieving a similar success as well.

  1. As a protector for those who are weak

Society in general consists of several complementary components. Naturally these components are arranged in such a way that is institutionalized in a society’s life.

So that the variations of behavior patterns follow the components that are formed and consist of the role and status of the community. Because each individual has different capabilities  – different then the community component to form a vertical social structure, the result is a group of individuals who become leaders and be a villain.

To protect the discomfort of the leader of the ill  – treatment and of criminals who harm and disturbing, the community collectively form values and norms

5. As a Unifying Tool for Community Members

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With the same values ​​and norms in a society, one member and another member have a close relationship. This means, the stronger the understanding and appreciation of social values ​​by members, the stronger the ties in a group.

For example, a group of people  – those who uphold the values of honesty at the time of the exam, a group of people  – those who uphold organizational values, and the other  – the other. Each of these members has a close bond with each other.

  1. As a Cultural Treasure of the Community

In this context, the values ​​and norms that are in front of the community act as the cultural ethos of the community which gives special characteristics to the community. Cultural forms in society have their own diversity. This diversity comes from the values ​​and norms that exist in that society

  1. Social Code

Sociologists understand social norms as a standard of behavior in the form of code  – the code. The code in the form of regulation  – regulation that contains sanctions or penalties. These codes or regulations can be coercive.

As in the judicial code listed in the Code  – Penal Code and the Code  – the Civil Code which contains penalties such as fines and imprisonment. However, social codes generally arise without coercion

A social code can emerge without coercion because it has been going on for a long time so that it is accepted by the community voluntarily. There are at least three social codes according to Hassan Shadily (1993) as follows.

  1. Ethical Code

How do you feel when you witness someone who spits in front of other people or someone who eats while walking? You might say that the person is being rude. So, what are you going to do? At least you will sneer or sneer at the person.

This is called a code of conduct. Now, how would you behave if you met two men flanking a woman while riding on a motorbike?

  1. Moral Code (Moral Code)

Unlike the code of ethics, the moral code is in the form of good behavior with sanctions in the form of compensation, fines, or imprisonment. Violation of the moral code will harm others

For example, a gang of motorbike thieves can be sentenced to prison for harming their victims. Various forms of crime can be included as examples in the moral code

  1. Religion Code

The religious code regulates good behavior according to religious guidelines. Individuals who obey them will receive a reward from God Almighty. However, violators will be subject to sanctions in the form of sins. If the religious code is obeyed, a peaceful life will be created.


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