A person who meditatively lives, eats and sleeps is a yogi .

His life and everything he does is meditative : he lives in the moment, plays with existence, is not serious, does not conceive of life as a burden but as a game.

He does not worry about the past or the future. It lives in the present , it is the present.

Life thus becomes a flow : there is no goal to be reached because in a game there are no goals.

If in a game we set goals, it is no longer a game, it has become a job. Work does not exist without a goal to be achieved; the game does not exist with a goal .

If ends and means coincide, what you do is meditative.

If there are the means on one side and the end on the other – and there is a path – then it becomes a job, and it is taken seriously.

But this creates conflict , tension, becomes a burden that destroys your innocence.

When the means are the end, and the end are the means, when these two elements are one, when you take everything with this attitude, life becomes meditative .

Then the beginning is also the end, your first step is the last, birth is death.

If the two are united, the meeting is also farewell and the mind becomes meditative.

Then there are no burdens and life becomes only a leela, a game.

The ambitious mind can never go beyond the future, it cannot detach itself from the future.

The ambitious mind is always oriented towards the future , and the mind which is oriented towards the future is also oriented towards the past because the future can only be a projection of the past.

We project our past memories into future desires.

Our dreams of the future are our experiences of the past – painted with more care, better decorated, but always images, essentially past, projected into the future.

But a meditative person lives in the present .

If you really want to live, the present is the only possibility . If you just want to postpone life, the direction will be that of the past and the future.

Each individual is so unique that there can be no path to follow ; everyone must create their own.

The path is not already there ready , so just walk it to get somewhere.

Life is to create a path and follow it . The one created by one cannot be used by anyone else, because the path of yoga is internal.

There are no indications, milestones.

Buddha walked a path, which was entirely internal and existed only for him.

Nobody else can walk it, it can’t belong to anyone else.

You can’t die for me, you can’t die my death .

The search takes place in total solitude , crossing the darkest realms.

But research itself becomes a light.

The awareness of being alone cancels feeling alone and creates one’s own form of courage.

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