The positive side of 50 : the freedom to say what you think

It is so liberating to finally be able to declare what you think without dealing with prejudices or fears. This happens after menopause, a ripe age for this too, in which you acquire that incredible freedom to say what you think, even if it is uncomfortable for someone. You have learnt?

The menopause can bring disorders and discomforts related to hormonal upheaval: you know. But on the other hand it is equally true that this long and delicate passage can positively mark a woman’s life.

The definitive disappearance of the menstrual cycle, in fact, with all the psychological implications that it implies, can bring with it a baggage of unexpected changes and unexpected surprises. The important thing is to have the ability to notice how you are different and to be amazed : after all, menopause arrives at an age in which you are still full of energy, resources, desire to do and change.

So it happens that a new life can begin when, in fact, that of fertility, of the generating capacity, the one that saw you act as a mother and wife, juggling children, school, work, home, ends. Once this point of arrival coincided with the age in which to be grandmothers . Today it is only a turning point in the face of the second part of a woman’s life , equally long, rich, and stimulating as the one she leaves behind.

If your early 50s caused you to go through perimenopause tired, worn out, worn out, this could be your time. Freer from family commitments, with grown-up children, and perhaps even at the end of their career, you can focus on your new you and appreciate its evolving traits. But also about a new lifestyle, new habits, new principles. And maybe decide to start feeling free to say what you think.

Of course, to enjoy these benefits and perks, you have to work with yourself to discover the winning point of view towards your new age .

The bright side of 50: stop and think about the woman you have become

To achieve this achievement, take a moment to look over your shoulder: what woman has become the ex-girlfriend you were?

The 50 years are inevitably years of balance : your maturity could be the best age to reach the fullness of you, to look inside yourself, to get out of the mold and cages and allow yourself the luxury of really being yourself, have you ever thought about it? The experiences of half a century of life , good or bad they have been, have certainly increased the confidence in yourself, in your abilities, having given you considerable experience and maturity. All this, although from different points of view, brings with it a great gift: the freedom to be yourself and to say what you think.

You know what you want, you don’t fear judgment. And it’s a wonderful thing.

The bright side of 50: self-confidence

If you have had the strength and ability to build the life you have today and you stop to look at what you have set up (and held together) over the years, you can only be proud of the young woman you have been. Enjoying, today, that confidence in yourself and that security that you have sought and (perhaps) not found for years, is a priceless feeling of joy, you will admit it.

The resources you have been able to find in you have been the engines of change, the solutions to any problem, but also an important piece of your identity : today more than in the past they help you to love and accept yourself.

The positive side of 50: knowing you

All this is equivalent to feeling more secure: of one’s identity, of who one has really become, of one’s ability to achieve the set goals. Enough to no longer be afraid of anything at 50 .

You are no longer a girl and you have less hesitation than before when faced with a goal to reach. Even if it is about accepting the unexpected or failure. And even if to make this “turning point” you have to go through hot flashes and mood swings, know that it is also from here that you learn to shift your point of view . Knowing yourself deeply can also be the secret to getting back on the line in love .

The bright side of 50: free yourself from the judgment of others

For years, partly by convention and partly by character, you felt “slave” to the judgment of others , to the fear of appearing wrong , of the fear of saying what those in front of you did not want to hear you say, to do or don’t do the opposite of what others expected of you.

In the end, you often played a role and you felt, as well as unhappy with yourself, in difficulty with the rest of the world. Maturity is the ideal time to find harmony , to be at peace with yourself, finally free to say “yes” or “no”. This means authentically accepting the woman you are, ignoring stereotypes and preconceptions, evaluating your choices in a correct and balanced way thanks to a mature awareness of life. In one word: wisdom .

The positive side of 50: the freedom to say what you think

You have learned to accept yourself, you feel freer, you are able more than once to let go (also to forgive others, which is always synonymous with the ability to forgive yourself) and to let yourself go.

This is the foundation on which the new relationships you weave with the people around you are built: have you ever thought of finally feeling free to tell them what you think (even if everyone may not like it)? Learning to do it starts from an important awareness: you are unique, it is you and only you. For half a century you have been committed to living seasons and years that you knew were unrepeatable, now you feel the urge to live with even greater vitality and to do everything you do not want to leave untried. Including giving yourself the freedom to express yourself unfiltered.

The positive side of 50: learn to say “no”

It will be the role of mother, it will be the caregiver that is a bit of a female stereotype, it will be the Red Cross spirit that many women have, but saying “no” for many of us is very difficult . It begins with children, ends with elderly parents, passing through companions and husbands.

Finally feeling free to live your life managing it as you want, now that you measure yourself with a new body, a new biological phase, a new point of view on the world, it could go through the need to say “no” to relatives, friends, at work or at home. It may seem that you do not recognize yourself if, while you are about to say yet another “yes”, you are surprised to utter that opposite word. But when you experience the lightness of that moment, the freedom from the frustration of always doing your best for others, the privilege of being able to decide how to spend your time and energy , you will be well on your way to learning to say everything you think freely.


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