When I was young, I couldn’t wait to get older. Oh, freedom! Adulthood would bring me happiness . I could not wait.

When I became an adult , I was looking forward to finding a good job . This would certainly bring me happiness. I could not wait.

When I got a good job, I couldn’t wait to get a raise . When I received the increase, I was looking forward to getting married . When I got married, I couldn’t wait to buy myself a more beautiful car . Bought the car, I couldn’t wait to buy a house .

When I bought the house, I was looking forward to … paying off all the debts .

I could go on, but I think the concept I want to express is sufficiently clear .

None of my desires, once realized, has ever led me to happiness, for the simple reason that I was in the mental predisposition to want more and more .

When I got what I wanted, then I wanted something more.

My happiness was always waiting , because I always wanted to achieve a new goal to which I linked the realization of my happiness.

I always waited to reach a goal in order to be happy.

And I always added new goals. And then there was no happiness, it was always pending .

It took me a while, but in the end I managed to find the only secret to being truly happy:

Stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now.

It sounds too simple, perhaps, but only by assimilating this concept and trying to put it into practice every day, I managed to make my life take on that wonderful meaning that I recognize today.

Goals and desires

It’s certainly good to have goals – it’s part of life and work. But how much of your happiness is based on your goals?

It is also natural to have desires, but if your life is summed up in an indefinite series of desires , one after the other, and you dedicate all of yourself to the fulfillment of these desires, you will always be in pursuit of happiness, waiting for reach it.

Instead, let’s try to remember and practice the secret:

Stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now.

Feel free to chase your goals and your desires … but don’t make your happiness depend on their realization.

Do not conceive of happiness as something that will materialize with the achievement of a goal .

Life is a journey – Enjoy it!

Maybe it’s a commonplace, but I really believe that the important thing is not the destination, but the journey.

Not the goal, the fulfillment of desire, but the journey, the flow of your life .

Think about it: if we are happy only when we reach a goal, what will become of the time taken to reach it?

In our life there is much more than the realization of a desire .

If you are happy only when you arrive at your destination, it means that you will be unhappy for most of the trip.

How can you enjoy the trip?

Appreciating existence in all its entirety, in all its extraordinary wonder.

Without looking too much into the future, but focusing on the present, right here, right now .

Looking around you, and realizing that everything you really need to be happy is already here.

What you need to be happy

What do you need to achieve happiness? Do you need an expensive car, a villa and a million euros? If you could instantly realize your every single wish would you be happy?

Or maybe you can be happy now, with what you have?

Can we look up to heaven and realize what miracle it is?

Can we admire a sunset, a flower, a child and understand what miracle we have before us?

We can, just live every single moment in all its intensity. Every single emotion in all its uniqueness.

And then maybe we can realize that our eyes are also a miracle.

A miracle that allows us to see other miracles.

Our ears are a miracle, they can fill our hearts with sublime music notes, our legs can make us dance, our hands can embrace our friends, we can give a smile to those we meet on our way.

All of these are miracles . This is all we need to be happy.

What we need is the present moment : spending time with the people we love, watching a funny movie, swimming in the sea, enjoying fresh bread, lying down and reading a book, running in the rain, giving and receiving a hug.

This is all you need: stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now.

You? Are you waiting for something to be happy? Are you able to find happiness right now, right now?

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