The law of the fruition.

Its essence is that higher yields are obtained by alternating crops in space and time than with permanent crops. It is based on the general biological law of the unity and relationship of plant organisms and environmental conditions. The need for alternating different crops in the fields is due to the fact that different crops have different effects on soil properties and the environment. The agrophysical properties of the soil, water, air, heat and food regimes change in different ways. Each culture or group of cultures has features in terms of their influence on the composition of soil microflora and the intensity of development of individual groups of microorganisms. Based on this law, principles for constructing crop rotation are being developed.

The laws of agriculture discussed above are fundamental. Scientific understanding and practical use of them make it possible to correctly apply agrotechnical, agrochemical, soil-reclamation and other measures, improve the culture of agriculture, and effectively regulate soil fertility and productivity of cultivated crops.

In addition to the above, there are other laws of agriculture, for example: the law of autotrophy of green plants; the law of increasing effective soil fertility; the law of receipt, movement and transformation of mineral elements in plants, etc.

Questions for self-knowledge

1. List the factors of plant life and how are they grouped? 2. What is the process of photosynthesis? 3. What are the crop heat requirements? 4. The importance of water in plant life and the concept of a critical period. 5. What is the difference between the composition of atmospheric and soil air? 6. What is the essence of the law of equivalence and irreplaceability of plant life factors? 7. What does the law of minimum, optimum, maximum say? 8. Form the law of the combined action of plant life factors. 9. What is the essence of the law of return? 10. Expand the essence of the law of fruit change.

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