The Importance of Motivating Yourself to Achieve Goals

I believe most people actually know what to do to improve their lives. Some of them may also know what to do to get what they want. Even if you try to ask people on the side of the road, “what do you think must be done to be successful?”, Then I believe that you will most likely get the right answer. But the question is why don’t they do it themselves? This can be caused by a lack of motivation or an inability to motivate yourself.

This is what makes motivation an important part of an achievement, especially in doing business. Because the greater the desired business achievement, the greater the motivation needed. Self-motivation that will encourage you to initiate and take action.

Apart from that, motivation creates an invisible yet powerful force of movement. For example, have you ever imagined how little it would take to prevent an unworked train from moving? It is enough just by placing a 10 cm thick block of wood in front of each wheel, the train can no longer move. But if the train was traveling at 60 miles per hour, it could even hit a 2 meter thick reinforced concrete wall! Maybe that’s a description of a motivational force.

Zig Ziglar, a well-known motivational speaker , once approached a man and was criticized. The man said, “you motivational speakers can only come to pump enthusiasm and motivate people and then you leave and soon that motivation disappears by itself”. But Zig Ziglar replied in an extraordinary way, “doesn’t that also happen after we shower usually it doesn’t take long before we get dirty again, and we think it’s a good thing to keep showering every day”.

I totally agree on this point that motivation doesn’t always last forever. After all we have to update it every day. Taking a motivational seminar is not a bad thing, but we have to realize that motivational speakers are not always there to support and encourage you.

If you want to stay motivated at all times then we are the ones responsible for creating that motivation. Greek philosopher, Socrates said, “to move the world we must first move ourselves”. Let’s take a look at what a motivational force can do:

  1. Motivation is the first step towards achievement. Motivation is the key that opens the door to your accomplishments. Motivation is what gets you going, commitment is what keeps you going. A motivated group of sales teams usually has higher achievement than sales people who are just left alone. A student who has motivation to learn is certainly better than no motivation. Likewise, running a business with high motivation is certainly better than just one with low motivation.
  2. Motivation increases willpower. People usually fail not because they lack ability or knowledge, but usually because they lack willpower. With the motivation in a person, a person’s will can be increased. Those who are sufficiently motivated will usually find a will power resurfacing in them. This strong will will be a strong impetus in doing business.
  3. Motivation provides extra energy. We often refer to other people as high-powered or low-power based on how much they do. I think it might be more appropriate if we say they have high motivation or low motivation. If you are motivated, you must have extra energy. Motivation gives you the power to do many things. Motivation is the reason why there are always things I want to do, people I want to meet, and goals I want to achieve.
  4. Motivation is the basis for excellence. Motivation can change a person from ordinary to superior. Human rights leader, Marthin Luther King Jr. asserted, “if someone has not found something for which he wants to die, he is not worthy of living”. When you find your purpose in life, you find motivation. And when you find motivation, you can achieve excellence.
  5. Motivation is the key to success. I read about two hundred executives who were asked what makes people successful. The number one quality they mention is not skill but enthusiasm, and most of them admit that there needs to be a fire of motivation in humans to achieve success. We can see how successful business people run their business, usually motivation is one of the factors behind their success.

“Motivation is like a fire from within. So you are fully responsible for turning it on. If you expect someone else to light it for you, chances are the fire will only burn briefly. ” (Haryanto Kandani)

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