The impact of technology on the hygiene and cleaning market

Like other major industries, the hygiene and cleaning industry is also constantly evolving. And technology has been bringing more and more quality and efficiency to practice within this sector.

Although the hygiene and cleaning industry is still not seen as highly technological or innovative by many, it is important to note that the innovations that take place within it are created and adapted as new needs arise. As cleaning products and techniques that, through technology, are developed to deal with disease outbreaks, for example.

But when we talk about technology in this sector, we are not just talking about robots that clean environments by themselves, dry cleaning systems, industrial vacuum cleaners or any other state-of-the-art equipment. We are talking about everything that can contribute to the evolution of this sector, in general, such as systems that help to manage employees and manage the industry, more sustainable products and that degrade the environment less, among others.

Understand a little more about how technology helps and matters to the hygiene and cleaning industry on a daily basis.


You have probably heard of the various technological machines available on the market capable of cleaning floors, windows, walls, tiles and even complete environments, all under the command of just one operator. This is a trend that has been growing and gaining a lot of strength within the hygiene and cleaning market.

This automation can even generate a decrease in the number of employees, but it impacts the need to train employees in a more specific and adapted way.


Another major trend within the hygiene and cleaning industry is sustainability. Recycling systems, the search for a decrease in chemical products and hygiene improvements with a view to improving the quality of life and having greater protection guarantees are constantly evolving. And all this thanks to technology, which allows surveys to be carried out constantly in order to improve the materials and services offered to customers.

Themes such as water saving, compaction and concentration of products, reduction of chemicals, reduction of packaging and search for better additives are also constantly on the agenda.

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Business management

Technology can also be a great alibi when it comes to business management in the hygiene and cleaning industries, bringing savings, improving processes and optimizing service time, for example.

Through software, it is possible to accurately monitor your inventory, customer orders, jobs scheduled for the day and various other organizational topics, thus avoiding errors and failures during the process.

Internal problems like communication failure between employees can also be solved thanks to technology. Standard, exclusive systems or applications with real-time updates allow immediate synchronization and exchange of information between all sectors, reducing noise, optimizing time and even avoiding waste of raw material.

Given this, we can see that robotic technology is only part of everything the hygiene and cleaning industry has been experiencing. It is increasingly present in people’s lives and it is important that we use it to our advantage as well.

And based on the assumption that hygiene and cleaning products are indispensable for the population, it is important to emphasize again that the industries of this branch must increasingly value quality products and constantly seek, through technology, the improvement of their formulas in favor the well- being and quality of life of its consumers and the environment.


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