The best websites and applications to learn to read

Learning to read is one of the most enjoyable activities that a child can experience throughout his life, and not only to discover interesting things about the world around him , but also opens the way to imagination and creativity.

And despite the fact that we live in a world where reading is a fundamental part of the country’s educational system , it is important to encourage and encourage this habit from home. For this reason, there are both physical and digital tools that open the doors to knowledge.

Therefore, this time we will mention the best web pages and applications to learn to read for free that will give us the necessary tools to communicate, feel alive and connected. Go for it!

The best websites to learn to read

Now the books and stories are not the only source of learning, and thanks to advances in technology anyone can learn to read and write from home online so completely free . If you are one of them, take a look at the best websites:

PipoClub: educational games for boys and girls

PipoClub is an interactive portal to learn to read in a very efficient, fun and free way. Here you will find activities that promote children’s participation through riddles , children’s stories, word search, videos, songs and also, activate logical reasoning with mathematical exercises .

Educational games for boys and girls at PipoClub

Pipo is known for being one of the publishers with the longest time in the market, mainly because it has marked the beginning of reading for many children and with its digital system PipoClub has helped hundreds of infants to take their first steps.

Among the most important tools on this web page, we can find a wide catalog of didactic guides with curricular contents that are complemented with infant and primary education.

So they will not only learn through games, they also teach how to manipulate the computer, explore, investigate on their own, creating a higher level of satisfaction compared to other methods.

ABC tree: educational and didactic online games for children

Tree ABC is one of the most popular portals to learn by playing for children between 3 and 10 years old (initial and primary education). Among its activities we can highlight: alphabet games, English games , brain games , fables, children’s stories, riddles, science and technology designed to activate concentration levels and motivate children’s learning in a very fun way.

Online educational and didactic games for children in ABC Tree

Its categories are adapted to different levels, so you can find activities for explorers 3-5 years, curious 5-7 years and even for the greatest readers 7-10 years. Without a doubt, it is one of the most efficient educational portals to learn to read for free and that responds to the needs of school-age children.

Rainbow Games: Rainbow educational games

Although the Rainbow Games interface is striking, it can cause some distraction due to its bright colors; however, it has a wealth of educational tools for children of all ages . Among the activities you will find: children’s stories , alphabet soup, vowels , consonants, board games , children’s songs with adapted values ​​and very entertaining games such as words, hangman, copy and play.

Rainbow educational games – Rainbow Games

And not only is it a page to learn to read for free , but it also teaches you to count and basic spelling principles . As if that were not enough, it has a series of video tutorials where they show crafts, science, experiments, culinary art and more.

Primary World: the portal to learn while playing

Mundo Primaria y is a website for children designed to learn to read , write, develop knowledge and boost creativity through games.

A portal to learn while playing – Mundoprimaria

Its interface is quite flat and easy to use and among its main activities you will see categories of stories, fables, drawings, readings, alphabet, riddles, tongue twisters, sayings, mathematics, geometry, myths and legends, among others.

His study techniques are based on the use of ICTs ( Information and Communication Technologies ) as an indispensable tool for cognitive development and raising the level of attention of students so that they can remember, process and learn. The best of all is that the material offered by the portal is quality and free .

Vedoque: Educational Math, Reading and English Games

Vedoque is one of those pages where you can not only learn to read and write , but also show you other subjects and adapt to different educational levels. When entering the portal, the first thing you will see in the upper bar will be a series of numbers from 1-6 , which indicates activities according to the student’s primary level.

Educational math, reading and English games with Vedoque

The subjects that you can find range from mathematics, language, and without passing content to learn English adapted for children to discover the benefits of venturing into other languages.

Another advantage of this educational portal is that it has a typing course by lessons and stages , which undoubtedly stands out from the rest and encourages the student to become familiar with the computer from an early age.

Cokitos: free online educational games

Cokitos is one of the best websites to learn to read completely free . Its system is adapted for all ages and provides endless educational tools , among which we can mention: science, mathematics, numbers, letters, English, human body, keyboard, intelligence, addition, subtraction, multiplication, spelling, science and plus.

Free online educational games with Cokitos

Its fundamental base is to offer teaching strategies and educational resources that serve as support for problem solving and take information to many places, especially those where there is educational exclusion.

Educlan: educational tool during preventive closure

Educlan is a portal that started this year as part of a project to support all those children who are under the “stay at home” curricula . It is no secret to anyone that covid-19 has created a global pandemic, therefore, a large part of the population is under an induced quarantine. By the way, don’t forget to keep your distance and clean your mobile device frequently to prevent the spread of the virus .

An educational website during the preventive closure – Educlan

With Educlan, families will be able to receive support to continue school activities during the preventive closure, and not only that, but it will serve as a source of educational information at any time of the year.

This educational portal offers school activities according to the age of the student , 6-8 years, 8-10 years, 10-12 years. Much of the content is audiovisual, and it teaches you with games, activities or English. It also provides you with a considerable amount of links to books, apps and websites to learn any subject for free.

Games: Happy Learning

Happy Learning is a website created to reinforce knowledge from an early age . Offering the public numerous activities through educational games.

Games to learn to read for free: Happy Learning

In this portal you can find word search, puzzles, word completion, memory, test, language and literature, geography, science, arts and much more that will help in the development of thinking and creativity of the smallest of the house.

The best apps to learn to read

Just as there are apps to learn English and other languages ​​on Android devices , we also have general tools at hand that teach us writing, reading and subjects by levels . Some of the most popular are:

Leo with Grin: learning to read

Leo with Grin is one of the best apps to learn to read for free and is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Its teaching method is divided into 30 lessons where the student can go through it in stages.

In principle, it will begin by knowing and becoming familiar with the letters , vowels, consonants, uppercase, lowercase and then it will progress to formulating sentences and phonetics. It includes a section focused on the motor part of infants, in order to teach them not only to read, but also to write and includes exercises to speed up the hand.

With regard to reading, the app focuses on showing literary pieces and encouraging reading as a fundamental part of learning and reading comprehension .

Google Play | Leo with Grin

App Store | Leo with Grin

Montessori preschool: motivating and digital

With Montessori Preschool you will have at hand a tool that provides motivational classes and that not only focuses on basic resources, but also promotes children’s learning through motivation.

The platform has 4 essential subjects and by levels , including: mathematics, early literacy, art and practical life. With this app, the little ones will be able to experience super realistic activities and experiences , since it provides a virtual classroom with mechanisms and study techniques in the hands of professionals.

Google Play | Montessori Preschool

App Store | Montessori Preschool

ABC Dinos: Learn to Read for Kids

ABC Dinos is one of those free apps to learn to read, write and know the world around us for children between 3-7 years old . The tool is easily accessible and adapts to any educational level (preschool-primary).

ABC Dinos: Learning to read has never been so easy

Among the activities that you can get at ABC Dinos we have: reading and writing, visual and auditory memory, vowels, consonants, reading comprehension accompanied by highly interactive audios, images and videos.

Google Play | ABC Dinos: Learn to read

App Store | ABC Dinos: Learn to read

Letters in boxes: alphabet learning games

Letters in Boxes is a great educational game available for 2-8 year olds without ads. It has a fairly efficient method for the child to learn to read and recognize letters or words through the game totally free.

Its platform is very interactive and highly animated so the child’s concentration works. It is also easy to use, organized and simple. The main objective of Letters in boxes is that children can learn to read by letters , read by sounds, write, develop attention, creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.

Google Play | 
Letters in boxes

App Store | 
Letters in boxes

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As you will see, these are the free programs, websites and apps to learn to read that every child from an early age needs to strengthen and stimulate brain activity and thus activate logical thinking to face the world with knowledge.


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