The best games that support cross-play (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and mobile)

Playing with a friend who has a different console than their own is not a pipe dream. In fact, more and more titles allow Xbox One , PS4 , Nintendo Switch and PC (but also mobile) players to cooperate or challenge each other during game sessions. Here are the best games that support cross-play .

In this guide we propose two lists, according to the compatible systems. If you want to buy one for PC, you can click on the related link or search for them in one of these best online stores for PC games . If you have a PS4, you can search for them in the PlayStation Store , while, in the case of Xbox One, you can buy them on the Microsoft Store .

Cross-play games between PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Please Note : Most titles are compatible with Nintendo Switch:

  • Brawlhalla (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC, PS4, Xbox One.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One.
  • Dauntless (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Fortnite (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, mobile.
  • Minecraft : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, mobile.
  • Paladins (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Realm Royale (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Rocket League : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • SMITE (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Super Mega Baseball 2 : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • War Thunder (FREE): PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Games with partial cross-play

The following games do not offer full support. Some allow cross-play between PC and one console, others between two consoles. Sometimes these work across all platforms, but in unique combinations, so please inquire before purchasing the game.

  • Aragami: PC, Xbox One, Switch / PC, PS4.
  • Ark: Survival Evolved: PC, Xbox One.
  • Astroneer: PC, Xbox One.
  • Black Desert Online: PS4, Xbox One.
  • Blobcat: PC, Switch.
  • Chess Ultra: PC, Xbox One, Switch / PC, PS4.
  • DC Universe Online: PC, PS4.
  • Deep Rock Galactic: PC, Xbox One.
  • Dick Wilde 2: PC, PS4.
  • Disc Jam: PC, Switch / PC, PS4.
  • Eve: Valkyrie: PC, PS4.
  • Fantasy Strike : PC, PS4, Switch.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online : PC, PS4.
  • Forza Horizon 4 : PC, Xbox One.
  • Full Metal Furies: PC, Xbox One.
  • Games of Glory: PC, PS4.
  • Gears 5 : PC, Xbox One.
  • Guns of Icarus Online: PC, PS4.
  • Happy Wars: PC, Xbox One.
  • Hearthstone (FREE): PC, mobile.
  • Hero Siege: PC, Switch, mobile / PC, PS4, mobile.
  • Hex: PC, PS4.
  • Hover: PC, Xbox One, Switch / PC, PS4.
  • Kabounce: PC, PS4.
  • Mantis Burn Racing: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Mortal Kombat 11: PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Mushroom Wars 2: PC, Switch, mobile.
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2: PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Next Up Hero: PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Overload: PC, Xbox One / PC, PS4.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: PC, PS4.
  • Pinball FX 3: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: PS4, Xbox One
  • Pox Nora: PC, PS4.
  • Pure Chess: PC, 3DS.
  • Rec Room: PC, PS4.
  • Riptide GP Renegade: PC, Switch / PC, Xbox One.
  • Roblox: PC, Xbox One, mobile.
  • Siegecraft Commander: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: PC, Xbox One.
  • Spacelords: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One.
  • Sports Bar VR: PC, PS4.
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew: PC, PS4.
  • Street Fighter V : PC, PS4.
  • Square Heroes: PC, PS4.
  • Super Dungeon Bros: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One.
  • Trailblazers: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Treasure Stack: PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Tooth and Tail: PC, PS4.
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse: PC, PS4 / PC, Switch.
  • War Thunder: PC, PS4 / PC, Xbox One.
  • Wargroove: PC, Xbox One, Switch.
  • Weapons of Mythology: New Age: PC, PS4.
  • Werewolves Within: PC, PS4.
  • World of Warships: Legends: PS4, Xbox One.

The catalog of games with cross-play is constantly evolving and it is hoped that in the future, titles such as FIFA , Destiny 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2 will be able to include this functionality. You can consult the list of games that support cross-play at Cross Play Games . This page is constantly updated and also allows you to filter the results by platform and genre.

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