The best application to make or receive fake calls on Android

Next, we are going to see the best application to make or receive fake calls on Android. In this way we can configure our device to help us get out of many uncomfortable situations.

Why would we simulate a call on Android? The reasons can be many from making a simple joke to getting out of a situation in which we do not want to be. Imagine that you are on a date and things don’t go the way you imagined. How can we escape from that moment? Simulating a call.

But on many occasions, simulating a call can be a double-edged sword, especially if the other person is attentive and sees that no one is actually calling us or sending us an SMS.

So to give more credibility to the situation, we can use one of the applications that we will leave you below and in this way you will be able to simulate a false call . This can also be extremely useful to make the odd prank on a friend or family member.

Applications to receive fake calls on Android

Therefore, we are going to see a complete list of totally free applications so that you can receive fake calls on your Android device , regardless of its brand and model. After this, it will be much easier for you to avoid certain complicated situations and you will be able to play a joke or another on whoever you want.

Fake call – prank: one of the most downloaded applications in the Play Store to make pranks with fake calls . It has millions of downloads. The app allows us to make a fake call with voice to make it more real.

Another thing that can be done is to program the time of the call and record a voice before making it, change the ringtone, etc.

Fake call: not only will we be able to receive fake calls to our device, we can also receive SMS. It has a large number of features: schedule calls, edit photo, name and number.

Make fake calls with a voice that we have previously recorded. In a few words Fake call with little originality with its name, it is a fairly complete app.

Fake Call: the application is quite interesting not only because of the fake calls. If not, because it also allows us to simulate SMS and messages. In addition, we can also configure so that the false contact calls us as many times as we want.

Fake Call and SMS: one of the best applications that we will find in the Play Store, since it not only allows us to receive false calls. We can also receive fake text messages and schedule these to receive them at the time we want. We can even program the repetition time of them.

As for the personalization of the contact, we can do it without problems by changing the name, number, tone, time, profile photo. You can even choose a voice note that will be heard in the background when you receive the call in question. Fake Call and SMS is a fairly complete app in every sense.

Apps for fake calls on Android

In a few words, we have several very useful applications to simulate a fake call , which will allow us to get out of any kind of uncomfortable situation we are in.

Picking up the phone and faking a call can be tricky, as the other person might realize that we are faking, which can lead to more headaches in the end. Thanks to these kinds of applications we can be more “credible” when it comes to faking calls.

As you can see, the applications to receive fake calls are completely free and luckily they take up very little space. So you can download them quickly and test them on your device without any kind of problem.


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