What Makes Someone A Coward In His Life

What Makes Someone A Coward In His Life.Do you know someone you could call coward? What are the reasons that call you to define it so? Can you justify your behavior? In work, in family and in the group of friends … we all have close to someone we can label as a coward. Cowardice is one of the essential characteristics of the human being . It is very shared, judged in some cases, but very unrecognized. However, and this may surprise you, in some cases it continues to be an adaptation strategy .

Everyone on different occasions we have come to look back and to be assailed by doubts: we would like to know what would have been the result if we had acted in another way at a given moment. And in analyzing it,  we will see  that cowardice is behind many of our “And if …” . Cowards go hand in hand with fear and conformism. They are inseparable. If there is no fear, it is not cowardice: perhaps comfort or laziness, but not cowardice. You may be cowards in different aspects of this behavior. At an emotional, behavioral or even mental level.

How are you cowards?

There are several ways of demonstrating cowardice. The most obvious is based on behavior. Beyond what we can try or think, there are times when the situation asks us to act and we do not. It is a reflection of “no reaction” for insecurity. We can provide infinite justifications. This is the most known and visible form of cowardice. We can recognize in others or in ourselves different moments when we do not say a “love you”, “leave me alone”, “no, that’s your job, do it”.

How many times have we put our thoughts to avoid facing them? We can be cowards in this too. It may happen that there is an idea, a situation, or even a memory that annoys us or frightens us and we do not dedicate time to you . We do not think about it, even knowing it can become a “weight on the stomach” or put anxiety on it. When they propose to talk about it, we are evasive, we change arguments or show a forced indifference.

To conclude, there is emotional cowardice. Do not feel not to suffer. Escape from emotions is the solution for many people . For them, emotion is a complication. People who are allowed to transport from it are not understood by others, but behind those who escape from the sensations of fear, sadness, affection and anger lie behind the motives. These can be related to the difficulty of recognition, expression and empathy during childhood or adolescence, bad experiences in adulthood, and even the fear of losing control of their impulses.

Why do we behave like this?

Whether it is us or someone we know, the feeling of cowardice is misunderstanding, disappointment, and even anger . Why do they behave this way? Why do you do so? Both the brave and the coward the answer is the same. A key factor in modifying our courage depends on the number and quality of the instruments and personal training.

by Abdullah Sam
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