The 7 best applications to start or start a business in 2020

Setting up a business from scratch is not easy. Not only do you have to deal with the administration bureaucracy, a multitude of paperwork and especially the payment of many taxes and fees, but also convince your customers to come to your business .

Luckily, technology does its bit to make setting up a business a little easier and thanks to all these applications that we leave you below, we can take full control of our business wherever we are .

It is not that the business is going to take itself, but they help a lot .

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a great tool with which to contact your customers

Communication with the client is something essential and more so in these times . Hence, WhatsApp Business is one of the essential apps to be able to communicate with all of them, in addition of course to promote the growth of our business.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of WhatsApp Business is that if we have a dual sim mobile , we can have our personal WhatsApp account and another Business totally independent of each other .

Download WhatsApp Business for Android for free

Download WhatsApp Business for iOS for free


With Gmail for mobile we can send and receive emails from anywhere

There are times that WhatsApp Business is not the best way to talk to customers or suppliers, but you have to use another means of communication .

In this regard we have to have a good email client and for this there is nothing better than Gmail . Not only for its popularity but also for supporting Exchange, POP, and IMAP accounts.

Free download Gmail for Android

Download Gmail for iOS for free


LinkedIn is a good way to meet other professionals like you

Having contacts in the business world is just as or almost as important as having clients . Knowing how to surround yourself with other professionals and make yourself known on the network is one of the first steps to making money with our business.

Although there are many social networks such as Instagram or Facebook that are perfect for making yourself known, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to not only meet other professionals in the same sector , but also to find out how they work and how they move their businesses forward.

Free download LinkedIn for Android

Free Download LinkedIn for iOS


There are many apps to scan for CamScanner is one of the best

If you are one of those who work with a lot of paper in your daily life, a perfect application for all of you is CamScanner .

With it and thanks to the camera of our smartphone, we can scan any document and convert it to digital format with a really good quality . As if that were not enough, it also allows you to join documents and even convert them to different formats such as PDF.

Free download CamScanner for Android

Free Download CamScanner for iOS

Google My Business and Google Ads

If you are not on the internet today … you do not exist. And if you don’t go on Google, too. Having a good presence and the internet is essential and for this we bring two essential tools .

The first is Google Business, which is an app that will allow us to fill in our business information such as name, telephone number, address and hours. In this way, if someone searches for us online, they will be able to obtain all our information at a glance.

Secondly, if we want to have even more presence on the internet, we will have to use Google Ads . It is not free but it is a good way to attract customers. In my personal case, as I use it, when someone looks for lawyers in Zaragoza, I will have a better chance of coming out in the top positions compared to the competition.

Download Google My Business for Android for free

Download Google My Business for iOS for free

Free download Google Ads for Android

Download Google Ads for iOS for free


Zoom is a great app to make free video calls

Given that there are times when there is no other choice but to do remote meetings (either by teleworking or because our contacts live miles from us), a good video calling application is essential .

Zoom is our chosen one . An app that has become very fashionable for a few months and that offers a multitude of possibilities when making video calls. All this without forgetting that it is completely free.


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