The 50 things to do before the age of 11

From playing in the rain to exploring the woods with a compass, from jumping in puddles to climbing trees, how many children spend their free time in close contact with nature? How many still know how to do a somersault ? Unfortunately very few! To such an extent that a term was born to identify the separation from the natural elements: Deficit of nature .

According to scholars, this is an increasingly widespread disease, almost comparable to a disease, which mainly affects children and adolescents, hyper-connected to the web, completely disconnected from the environment. But if the new generations do not know nature, they will hardly develop a sincere interest in it and even more unlikely they will be willing to protect it.

An alarming situation considering that the future of the planet will largely depend on the mentality of young people. And that’s why the National Trust has compiled a list of 50 things to do before age 11 to recover from Nature Deficit . The list was taken up by the WWF which transformed it into an infographic within the Aule Verdi project .


Here are the 50 things your children should do before the age of 11 in order not to lose the connection with Nature:

  1. Climbing on a tree
  2. Bounce the stones on the water
  3. Playing in the rain
  4. Build a shelter in the woods or on the beach
  5. Whistle using a blade of grass
  6. Build and fly a kite
  7. Have a picnic in nature
  8. Playing with the waves
  9. Rolling from a hill
  10. Making a snowman
  11. Go to a distant place with the bike
  12. Follow a path in the woods
  13. Look for the source or mouth of a river
  14. Observe the grains of sand with a stereoscope
  15. Climb a hill
  16. Observe a seabed with fins and mask
  17. Observe a patch of lawn with a magnifying glass
  18. Organize a treasure hunt in the wild
  19. Taking photographs of snowy places
  20. Listen to the verse of 10 live animals and describe it
  21. Visit a farm
  22. Explore a cave
  23. Look for chestnuts
  24. Observe the shells in the sea
  25. Visit an unknown city
  26. Go to a nature reserve
  27. Use the compass
  28. Observe the stars and look for shooting stars
  29. Look for animal tracks
  30. Follow the path of the ants
  31. Plant a seed and observe its growth
  32. Making a herbarium
  33. Use a manual for tree recognition
  34. Discover everything that is in a pond
  35. Create a bird feeder and observe the habits
  36. Make your own naturalist notebook
  37. Building a bat-box
  38. Pick and taste a fruit of the tree
  39. Building an instrument to measure wind and rain
  40. Collect all shades of autumn leaf color
  41. Go camping with the tent
  42. Find your way home using only map and compass
  43. Ride horse
  44. Go canoeing
  45. Wait for the sunrise on the beach
  46. Holding a “scary” insect in your hand
  47. Climb the boulders
  48. Walking in the snow
  49. Take the pedal boat and dive
  50. Prepare your backpack yourself to go to nature


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