The 10 habits to be happy and live better

Have you ever wondered what would happen if they told all of humanity how many days they have left to live? This article could well be called The 10 habits to stay away from death and get closer to life, instead of the 10 habits to be happy!

Imagine that each of us receives a letter with the exact date of his death. What would become of us? Would we stop complaining about the crisis? Because of our problems with friends or strangers? In case your soccer team lost? I am sure that some would be regretting their fate and others would leave all worries behind and dedicate themselves to living the remainder of their lives. That would be the most beautiful and rewarding thing, accepting your destiny and living with it.

Our society avoids the term “death.” Try to deny its existence.  We hide in speculation about what will become of our future. What will happen to us after we die. We continue to  trust  that after death a new life will come .

The important thing is what you have in front of you. Not what you can leave behind. A delicate subject. Death is treated as a taboo since childhood.  We don’t talk about the importance of life and death with our loved ones. Only in the face of losses do we remember what we were able to experience and imagine all that we could have accomplished. Here are my most personal thoughts for you to consider your life from a position of happiness.

The 10 habits to be happy

  1. It is never too late to live. It always is to want to die.
  2. Accept your death as you accept your day in life. Devote your energies and thoughts to what really has value. Dedicate it to the present moment, to your life. As soon as you can accept your death from the heart, you will be able to rethink what your priorities are before it is too late
  3. Death will come regardless of what you may think. Death is a necessity for our life. Without her life would be meaningless. If you knew that all your life you were going to be alive, you would do many other things, although without the appreciation they deserve. You would know that at any moment you could do them. You would never have a limit to your life.
  4. Assume that the time you have left is finite. Our life is a countdown. You  worry more about when the clock will stop than about how long you have to live .
  5. Getan environment and positive thoughts to see life’s opportunities before its limitations . Negative and positive emotions cannot coexist at the same time. Decide which one you want me to prioritize in your life.
  6. Death is sad for those who have not begun to live.
  7. The thought that every human being has the right to live many years is what makes us despair when a person dies young. It is not about thinking about whether he could have lived more years but about whether in life he could enjoy his time. This is something that became clear to me when my father died at the age of 53 and left us a letter in which he mentioned everything he had been capable of living. I was honest about everything he lived through in his days as he continued to enjoy every minute waiting for his heart to stop beating.
  8. Young people die, middle-aged people too, and old people also come to an end.
  9. Every human being should be able to receive the necessary knowledge to know what life and death are about. I long for the day when schools will teach people for the benefit of knowing how to live and knowing how to die, it will be at that moment when we will accept life as it is, leaving aside that Ego that defines us or what we others think of us assuming that we pay more attention to what the heart dictates.
  10. Finally, we are all going to die. Accept it and you will discover that you will live your whole life to die in a second, do not accept it and you will know how you can be able to die every day of your life


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