The 10 Essential Steps to Finding Your Happiness

One of the big problems you have in your daily life is the impossibility of doing nothing. You don’t know, do nothing . That does not lead to your happiness . In this article I love to share with you what for me are some simple 10 essential steps to find your happiness.

In your life, you always try to keep busy at any moment or daily situation. This way, all you’re trying to do is have something to do. It seems like it’s a sin to sit still and do nothing. It is not well seen to enjoy the present for a moment knowing that the mind will find happiness in that moment.

In any case, to reach happiness we need joy because it prepares the ground to achieve it.

Following these evaluations I share with you

10 essential steps to find your happiness

1. Ignore other people’s judgments

I do not doubt that it is important to listen to what others say about us but I believe that it should not be our only option. I believe that what our hearts dictate must prevail . Do not let the decisions / thoughts of others influence you because at the end of the day you must live your life and decide your steps. Don’t try to impress others with how you should be . You are real and that is what you must prove yourself.

2. Live with the problems of the past

You will not be able to change that situation from the past. You must be clear about it. It happened and there it is. Don’t let it haunt you your whole life in a negative way. Do not stress. You will remember the problems of the past and you must do it to be clear that you lived them and be aware that with them you learned to continue moving forward .

3. The opportunity for disappointments

You will fall and you will get up, you will be wrong and you will be right, you will lose and you will win. There will always be that balance between black and white. Do not doubt that today you may have a bad experience but tomorrow may be positive. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, you don’t know what will happen but what should be, will be.

4. Be grateful

In any situation not only in the face of the positive. The virtue of happiness is located in the joy that must be reached from any state, even if it is negative . We should not be happy if we have lost our job, someone we love has left or we have suffered an accident, but these bad moments must exist so that by surpassing them we can reach happiness.

5. Give up complaining

Life helps you push yourself and take risks. We must expand our comfort zone to experience more and more. In any situation, remember that the complaint is the expectation of pain and the benefit it provides you is always negative if it has not been built towards a stage of positivism. Did you know that 90% of complaints are material? I don’t know if you are aware of what you have. Compare it with other people of the same age, few will live better than you. Think before complaining about something, think if it is a material complaint, there you if you decide to do it.

6. Take advantage of your virtues and give them what they deserve

Work hard and quietly and let success make the noise. Any stone you move, no matter how small, is progress. Dedicate yourself to offering the best of yourself, without expecting gratitude, just to cultivate your skills and practice to improve them because that will make you happy.

7. There are things you cannot control

And the sooner you understand it the better. Never force situations . If it must be, it will be; do not expect that you can control everything since that will never be satisfactory, what if it will be is to stop talking about the problem and focus on its usefulness and find the solution. Forget for a moment what went wrong and think about what is right .

8. Often what you see is not reality

Thought leads you to the intention that makes power flourish. This power is what creates your life, your health, your everything. Keep in mind that what you think will influence your power to decide your life. If you think negative and distrust, you will suffer . Keep watching the negative news on television and your bad adaptation to your life will continue, you will receive negativity but that is not the worst but you will also create it with your comments. You will be responsible for it, not the news. Bring your mind to life, don’t give it negativity.

9. You don’t want to change others.

Love people as they are . You can pretend to change them but don’t force anyone. Give them your point of view if you think that will benefit them. Don’t do it if it only benefits you. It’s her life, not yours. Let them decide how they want to be and give them the freedom to do so. You are not responsible for your life, you are only part of it.

10. Believe in your life

Believe in yourself even in difficult times. Remember that people make mistakes, even if it bothers you it is like that. They are mistakes to be thankful for, to make us bigger. Obstacles on our way to overcome and continue to grow.

Few people hurt others on purpose. Sometimes it happens that there are different ways to understand what is correct and what is not , it will not help us to always think that ours is the only way. Think that the answers are waiting to be presented. Believe that life will surprise you over and over again.

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