Thai Balls: Learn how to use

Thai balls were the first sexual accessories created by mankind.

The origin of the creation is oriental, but today, due to the diverse benefits, both for sexuality and for health, Thai balls are a success worldwide.

First of all it is important to explain the difference between ben wa and Thai necklace. The two are known as Thai balls, but each has a different function.

The difference between Thai necklace and ben wa

In this video I teach how to use Thai balls and what are the differences between ben wa and Thai necklace.

Because I do not recommend using the Thai necklace for pompoirism

In this video I explain what the original function of the Thai necklace was, and why I do not recommend its use in the practice of pompoirism, contrary to most traditional methods, which most of the times generate a much longer result or even some negative effect during practice.

How to use Thai balls

In my pompoir course, before teaching any exercise with accessories, I teach the dynamics of movements, the identification of muscles, the gain of strength and motor coordination, so that only after this initial training, I will gradually introduce the accessories.

At each stage of the exercise, the woman should contract only the pelvic floor muscles, or only the abdominal muscles. The ben wa provides incredible motor coordination training, making the woman learn to really differentiate the action of these two very different muscle groups.

Used in a right way, ben wa allows the strengthening of the woman’s intimate muscles, in addition to improving vaginal sensitivity and the perception of contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the vagina.

Improving motor coordination and the strength of the intimate musculature means improving the sexual performance of women. In practice, increasing the force of contraction of the perineum musculature is improving the power of “contraction of the vagina” around the penis, increasing vaginal awareness and sensitivity, both for the woman and the partner at the time of sexual intercourse.

With strength and motor coordination, the woman will consciously “contract the vagina” (for those who still don’t know how to contract), and improve the quality of this contraction, which becomes more intense and allows different types of movements – fast, slow, alternating, anyway, it’s crazy.

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